The Weekend Photo Project: August

The Weekend Photo Project - August


The Weekend Photo Project got lost there for a little bit – sorry.

But we’re back with both boots on, so dust off your cameras and nudge the Muse awake, because August’s prompts are live!

never heard of The Weekend Photo Project?

It’s basically a 52-project that I developed, initially for myself.  As much as I love photography and wish that I could (would?) stop long enough to take photos each-and-every-single-day, there are a lot of days where it simply doesn’t happen.

So to take the pressure off of a daily project, I thought, why not just take photos on weekends?

There are a few of us who have been involved in The Weekend Photo Project over the last 18-months or so (you’ll find the guys photos over on the Flickr page). We’re all busy with work and families, but we’re also a wonderfully supportive bunch of people who love our photography.

So, if you’ve been considering joining in with a photo project, why not try out The Weekend Photo Project?

Here are some of the places you can share your photos:

Blog: If you have a blog, post your photo there.
Flickr: Add your photo to your Flickr photostream. Create a set dedicated to The Weekend Photo Project and add it to The Weekend Photo Project group.  Don’t forget to tag it with #twpp.
Instagram: take your photo, pretty it up! Caption and hashtag #twpp.  Share.
Twitter:  You can share on Twitter by uploading your photo and adding #twpp.
Tumblr: Add your photo to your Tumblr feed.
Facebook:  You’ve a few options here.  Simply share with your friends on your own personal page, or you can upload it to my biz page.  Add the hashtag #twpp when you upload so that we can see who else is playing along (now that FB does hashtags!)
Pinterest: Add your photo to The Weekend Photo Project Pinterest board.  You’ll need an invite to do this, so simply follow the board and I’ll send you one asap.

Wherever you share though, please use the #twpp hashtag so that anyone can search your photos.

Want to check out other people’s photos?

Please do!  Leave a comment, a smiley, a link – whatever!  Again, the more people we can get involved, the better.  Let’s build a community of busy people who love photography.  Share your love!!

I’ve missed a weekend…

No problems. We’re all busy folk and sometimes our weekends get away from us before we know it. Just keep an eye out for the next weekends prompt (live each Friday at 2 p.m. on the blog – hint, hint… subscribe so you don’t miss them) and start planning your photo for that weekend.  We all understand that sometimes life gets in the way of your lens.

The links:

The Weekend Photo Project on Flickr 

The Weekend Photo Project board on Pinterest

my business Facebook page

The Weekend Photo Project on the blog

And please share this project with your friends.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, leave me a comment on the blog, Facebook or email me.

and be sure to introduce yourself in the comments section here – we always love meeting new people

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{beautiful to me} Jacqui Dean Photography

It was the most recent edition of Art Edit that put me on to the work of Jacqui Dean.

The series Translucence is divine with its x-ray-like quality – inspiration in beautiful, simple black-and-white.







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{photography} Chasing the Snow

It doesn’t snow all that often in our little town, but when it does there is always lots of snowballs and laughter involved.


chasing-the-snow-6 copy





Home.  Happy and cold.

nothing quite like chasing the snow with the family

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Taking Stock #005


has another 3 months has gone by already?

It’s been a mixed bag, with news both good and bad, but taking stock always seems to help put things into perspective.

Making: memories through photography for friends near and dear
Cooking: not very often – Husband has been brilliant in taking over this role when needed
Drinking: far too much white wine
Reading: usually reserved for bedtime, and I’ve been just. too. tired
Wanting: clarity
Looking: for answers
Playing: Monument Valley  – highly recommended
Deciding: on what to wear to Daughter’s formal – argh!
Wishing: for more time to make photographs and jewellery
Enjoying: the company of friends
Waiting: for holidays and sleep-ins
Liking: my electric blanket
Wondering: where will my Beautiful Girl be in 1 year from now
Loving: my wool socks
Pondering: whether what I am doing now is making me happy and
Considering: that it’s time for a change
WatchingOrphan Black and iZombie
Hoping: that the lead-up to the HSC goes smoothly for the Daughter
Marvelling: at sunsets
Needing: a break
Smelling: my wool socks to see if I can get another day out of them!
Wearing: fingerless gloves almost every day to keep my knuckles warm
Following: …
Noticing: that I’m getting old and cranky
Knowing: that I’m only going to get older and crankier
Thinking: that I don’t give a shit if I’m old and cranky
Feeling: tired a lot
Admiring: the perseverance and determination of the Kindergarten teacher I work with
Sorting: the back room at Walcha Handmade
Buying: soap, gelatin and sterling silver sheet
Getting: cranky at the mice who insist on inhabiting my home
Bookmarking: …
Disliking: bad news
Opening: another bottle of white wine
Giggling: at the bad jokes of my work colleagues
Snacking: on dark chocolate covered cranberries – yum!
Coveting: a new lens for the camera… still
Wishing: I knew the answers
Helping: where I can
Hearing: the Daughter practising her composition

perspective gained

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