53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.50

motivational poster
Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s taken some practice, but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of only doing as much as I am able in any one day…

and not beating myself up about not getting the entire to-do list done

Because there’s always tomorrow.  And the day after.  And the day after that.

And if things don’t get done… well, I can rest easy knowing that I’ve done as much as I could.

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The Weekend Photo Project: ‘together’

The Weekend Photo Project: 'together' prompt

Not much to say about this weekend’s prompt really…

i image the possibilities for a ‘together’ photo are endless

I’ll probably have to do a little inspirational searching myself – aim for an image that’s a little outside the box, if you will.

If you’re wondering where you can share your ‘together’ photo from this weekend, pop on over to the Joining in The Weekend Photo Project information page for all the details.

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53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.49


i’d been putting off making the new look online shop go live because it wasn’t perfect

Until I realized that it wasn’t ever going to be perfect. I’m not ever going to have enough hours in the day to get it ready to go, because there’s always other stuff that needs doing or is more urgent.
Which meant that if I waited until the perfect moment… well, I’d be waiting for a while.

So on Monday evening last week, I bit the bullet and hit the publish button on the online shop.
There’s still a lot more work to do, but it’s up and it’s live – mistakes, glitches and all.

and i feel good about it

By letting go of the need for perfection and beginning today, I’m able to now work on the online shop at my leisure…

What will you begin today?

photo credit: wiserbailey via photopin cc

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The Weekend Photo Project: ‘composition – shades of white’

The Weekend Photo Project: 'shades of white' prompt

white on white

That’s what I had in mind for this week’s prompt of shades of white.  Being The Weekend Photo Project though, I’ve always said that prompts are open to your interpretation – so I’m keen to see what other people come up with.

I’m including some articles on high key photography, as I think that’s what will help us get the best shades of white effect.

  1. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Shooting High Key – tuts+
  2. Abuse Your RAW Files for a Striking High-Key Portrait – Digital Camera World
  3. 18 Beautiful Bright Examples of High Key Photography – photopoly
  4. Lesson 3 – Exposure: High Key – Best Photo Lessons

Here’s where you can share your ‘shades of white’ photos -

Facebook: Create an album (title suggestion – My Weekend Photo Project) and upload your photos (and don’t forget to add the hashtag #twpp now that FB does hashtags). You can make your album public so that anyone can have a look at your photos or you can share your photos with me over on my biz page.

Your blog: Upload your photos to your blog and share them with the wide world. Leave a link here so that others can follow the snail-trail.

Flickr: Share your photos at The Weekend Photo Project group.

Pinterest: If you’re on Pinterest create a board for your weekend photos. Don’t forget to add the tag #twpp so that others can search for them. I have a The Weekend Photo Project Pinterest board that I’m going to invite people to pin on. If you’d love to be involved, follow the board and I’ll send you an invite!

Instagram: Snap a photo with you phone or i-device and upload your photo to Instagram. You’ll find me here on Instagram. Don’t forget to add #twpp to your caption. Proceed to share!

Twitter: Use Instagram, link to your Pinterest board or your blog. And remember to add #twpp as your hashtag.

Anywhere else you like: I’m sure I’ve left out others ways of sharing, so leave a comment below and let everyone know where your photos will be!

Be sure and leave a comment below to let me (and everyone else) know where you’ll be sharing your photos. Visit other peoples photos. Like them. Comment.

and please, share The Weekend Photo Project – the more people we can get involved, the more fun it will be

Don’t forget that the prompts are open to interpretation – there is no right or wrong photo – just the photo you make of your world as you see it.

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{beautiful to me} History’s Shadow by David Maisel

an intriguing concept – reworking x-rays into photographs of objects of antiquity

Which is exactly what David Maisel has done with his History’s Shadow collection of photographs.

History’s Shadow has as its source material x-rays of art objects that date from antiquity through just prior to the invention of photography. The x-rays have been culled from museum conservation archives, re-photographed and re-worked. Through the x-ray process, the artworks of origin become de-contextualized, yet acutely alive and renewed. The series concerns the dual processes and intertwined themes of memory and excavation.

xray photograph of Buddha head

xray photograph of Buddha hand

x-ray photograph of antique vessel

The x-ray has historically been used for the structural examination of art and artifacts much as physicians examine bones and internal organs; it reveals losses, replacements, methods of construction, and internal trauma that may not be visible to the naked eye. The resulting prints of History’s Shadow make the invisible visible, and express through photographic means the shape-shifting nature of time itself, and the continuous presence of the past contained within us.


x-ray photograph of antique statue

ghostly, yet making you want to reach out, touch and caress – beautiful photography with a story

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53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.48

Clean up after yourself

one of my pet peeves is an empty toilet roll left on the holder

At work of late, I seem to be finding them more and more when I go to the bathroom. Or the empty toilet roll and it’s accompanying paper wrapper left on the floor (I suppose at least there’s a fresh roll on the holder).

It makes me wonder whether people do this sort of stuff in their own homes.

And who picks up after them?

Because it doesn’t take all that much effort to change an empty toilet roll and then dispose of the rubbish into a bin.

And while I’m at it, wash your bloody dishes too, instead of leaving them to rot in the sink.

and just in case you’re not sure how to change a toilet roll, here’s an instructional video to help

photo credit: samantha celera via photopin cc

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