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dandelions are an eternal source of photographic pleasure for me

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a few things you might not know about me

I'm not one to share a lot of myself online, but inspired by a photographer I admire, I've let my guard down to share a few things you might not know about me.

i’ve never been one to share too much of myself online

No duck-face selfies.  No excessive photos of what I had for lunch.  And no moaning about how so-and-so is pissing me off and I wish they would just stop.

Those types of shares don’t interest me.  They’re too shallow and don’t show me.  The real me.  The one who is shit-scared of frogs, won’t tolerate energy-vampires in her life and believes in ghosts.

So instead, inspired by a photographer I really admire, I’m sharing bits of me that matter.

a glimpse into what makes my life tick

How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self every day?
My morning yoga session helps me to start my day in a positive way.  And if the day has been particularly taxing, and I’m having trouble turning my brain off, a guided meditation to fall asleep to sets me up for a good nights rest.

What’s your favourite beauty secret?
Charcoal soap, water and my home-blended-essential-oil Dew Drops moisturiser. Plus a good nights sleep and plenty of water throughout the day.

What’s your favourite outfit?
I’m a jeans girl, through-and-through. Paired with my Birkenstock Gizehs and my current favourite zombie t-shirt in summer; or hiking boots with wool socks, a men’s woollen jumper and a beanie for winter.  Comfort is key, and not giving a shit if you don’t like my t-shirt comes a close second.

What’s your favourite quick-prep dinner?
Cinnamon-roasted vegetables with couscous and grilled halloumi. Yum!

What routine is important to you?
Routines have been a part of my life since the kids were little. It was the only way to get through a day unscathed when they were growing through their terrible twos, truly terrible threes and fucking awful fours.  And it’s a habit that’s stuck.  Helps me to get shit done.

What’s in your purse?
Money, cards and my Husband’s business card. The one time I really needed his mobile phone number (in the ambulance on the way to have the Little Man’s broken arm surgically reducted) I drew a blank.  Not cool.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Books. I read. A lot.

How do you balance all of your work responsibilities along with your home life?
I’m lucky that all of my family knows how to pull their weight around the house. If there’s something pressing I need to get done, they give me space and time to do it.
The most important practice for balancing work and home that I’ve found has honestly been switching off devices (for all of us) and dancing around the kitchen singing at the top of our lungs or hanging on the couch dissing a movie. As long as we’re all together, then the world is in balance.

What’s your favourite place to be on a Saturday night?
On the couch with my Little Man, watching whatever chick flick is on the television. We love those couple of hours together.  And he’ll be pissed at me that I’ve told the world he enjoys chick flicks….

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from your children?
To appreciate modern music. Music is such a big part of our every day, and while I’ve introduced the kids to everything from Nina Simone and Billy Holiday, to Cold Chisel and ’80’s music, Mozart and movie soundtracks, it’s their turn now.  And I’m having fun with it.

If I could change one thing it would be….
Religious intolerance.  We don’t need to think alike to love alike.

In the comments, I’d love it if…

You answered one of the above questions about yourself!  Let me get to know you xo

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{photography} study of a daffodil

I’m usually a dark-and-moody-photo-sort-of-gal, but the first daffodils in the garden were just begging for a little high-key treatment.

sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a little

daffodil-high-key-4 copy

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

What is your favourite thing about Spring?  

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made by tasha chawner: spring/summer 2016-17 ‘elemental’ collection

it has been so long since I’ve released a collection!

After a very long break from making jewellery, my Muse made a return earlier this year and convinced me that I needed to return to making jewellery.

The very long break was due to a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis that I received in early 2015.  My left thumb had decided to get really sore and do wacky hyper-extension things where it seemed to bend back the wrong way and get stuck.  It didn’t take long before the arthritis had made its way to all of my other joints – large and small. My body had decided for me.  I was taking a break from making jewellery because there was no way known to man that I was going to be holding a set of pliers.

Being the stubborn individual I am, I tried – and failed – to make in the ensuing 12 months, so I was delighted when I finally began dreaming about jewellery again.  A sure sign it was time to pick up the pliers again.

Initially, I didn’t want to push myself too hard.  Just in case.  This was when my Muse whispered in my ear and said, “How about creating Collections again?”.  Not a bad idea, was my response.

enter Elemental’

: basic and important
: having the power of a force of nature
: of or relating to a chemical element

Consisting of 8 earring and 2 pendant designs, it was such a pleasure to go through the sketching, design and creating process.  The designs all feature a combination of metals, with each of these pieces holding a little bit of love and a whole lot of attitude.

(L) ‘Be Called the Elements’ | (R) ‘Be Still as the Mountain’
(L) ‘Fragments of the Elements‘ | (R) ‘Elements in Your Dreams’
(L) ‘Hopelessly Hooked’  | (R) ‘Of Random Thoughts’
(L) ‘The Mercy of Nature’s Elements’ | (R) ‘Show Your Soul Something Beautiful’
(L) ‘Wear Down the Wood’ | (R) ‘Where There is Energy’

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Which is your favourite piece from the ‘Elemental’ collection?

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taking stock #009

telling their stories so that history isn't lost

It seems that these posts come most when I need to stop and smell the roses.

I was telling a girlfriend today that…

…someone pressed fast forward on my life, and I can’t find the stop button

I’ve been having moments lately when it seems that life is going to overwhelm me.  So I stop, sit in the sun and take 10 minutes to remind myself that I can do this.

those roses are smelling sweet

Making: beautiful photos to go with the amazing stories of the residents at our local retirement home (a little sneak peek above…)
Cooking: meals in the slow cooker – it’s an afternoon sanity saver
Drinking: lots of water… still
Reading: A Beautiful Anarchy by David Duchemin – a book about the human longing to create
Wanting: to get it all done!
Looking: at places to visit in Morocco
Playing: with logos in Photoshop Elements
Deciding: that life is too short not to travel
Wishing: for that weekend away… still
Enjoying: the colder nights and the warmth of our fire
Waiting: and waiting and waiting and waiting
Liking: my new Moment camera case
Wondering: …
Loving: having my Girl home!
Pondering: lots of things
Considering: all the options
Watching: nothing at the moment… all of my favourite t.v. shows have finished
Hoping: that my passport arrives before Daughter leaves
Marvelling: …
Needing: the kids to turn down the stereo… does this mean I’m getting old?
Smelling: newly turned soil from my freshly planted winter veg
Wearing: socks and slippers – not attractive, but I have warm feet!
Following: world events and wondering what the blue blazes is going on
Noticing: that my eyesight is getting worse, quick
Knowing: that I’m just going to have to remember to have my glasses with me more often
Thinking: that it’s nice to have the bed to myself for a couple of nights
Feeling: just a tad overwhelmed at the moment – have I bitten off more than I can chew?
Admiring: grit and determination
Sorting: through fonts I’ve loaded on my computer… I had to print them out so I could remember what I’d installed…
Buying: too many things online
Getting: up early for my morning yoga session and loving it
Bookmarking: recipes in my essential oils books
Disliking: insincerity
Opening: mail
Giggling: at the dog every time she groans when she gets up – sucks to get old
Snacking: on tamari almonds – yum
Coveting: that 24-70 lens still…
Wishing: that every now and again the Boy would stop talking… just for a few minutes
Helping: my Girl prep for her tutoring sessions – helps to have a Mother who was a teacher
Hearing: the dog snoring

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

How do you deal with the overwhelm?

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