living a perfectly imperfect life

give yourself permission to embrace the imperfect and savour the perfect that you already have my life isn’t perfect

There are messes. There are hard days, hard weeks actually. But in the middle of it all, there is also joy.  And I’m savouring those moments because they all too quickly pass us by.

To live a perfectly imperfect life means embracing where I am each day. Taking it one day at a time and enjoying the things that matter most. Focusing on the good stuff and forgetting the rest.

it means stopping the chase for a perfect that doesn’t exist and living in the perfect that I already have

It’s giving myself permission for things to be less than “perfect”.  And with that permission, there is a freedom. A freedom from the burden of trying to always be perfect. Less stressed and so much happier knowing that I don’t have to do it all and do it perfectly.

Instead, I focus on what is already perfect.  I am present in the moment, and I enjoy what I already have and am happy with it.

Because this is my imperfect life, and I am going to enjoy those perfectly imperfect moments as much as I can.

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Are you giving yourself permission to live a perfectly imperfect life?

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new england family portrait session – walter & matilda

walter and matilda were coming to visit with grandma and grandpa for the weekend

When Grandma asked me if I was available to come to their house and photograph the grandchildren, my immediate response was “Yes!”.

Walter (17 months) was still needing a daytime nap, and with Matilda being only 11 weeks old, we decided on a post-nap afternoon session at the house.  The focus of the afternoon was the children, and as a mum to teenage kids myself, I realised I’d forgotten just how quickly toddlers move!

Walter was a little wary of me (strange lady with a camera), so he was left to play while I followed him around.  Matilda was so calm and happy, and once safely ensconced on the couch, was a treat to photograph.

I look forward to seeing both the kids and how they’ve grown the next time they visit with Grandma and Grandpa.

little feet - it's details like this that fade from your memories and need to be kept

oh, those blue, blue eyes

such a serious little man

a little princess

snuggles with grandma


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{photography} study of a gerbera

gerbera-flower-photography-study-tasha-chawner” alt=”a dark and moody study of a gerbera, with photography by Tasha Chawner”

three dark and moody red gerberas

oh my, dark and moody

I don’t know whether it’s a reaction to the light and airy portraits I’ve been taking lately, but dark and moody is definitely my thing at the moment.

It has been ages since I’ve had cut flowers in the house, and when I was at the local green grocers the other day, I spied some gerberas in a divine purple.

“I’ll pick some up later.”, I thought to myself, and of course, when I went back the next day, the purple beauties were gone.

but these red delights were there instead

tasha chawner macro gerbera in black and white

nature indoors macro photography

tasha chawner flower photography

red gerbera bloom

I know that dark and moody images aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but lately, macro and dark images have been the default setting for my personal work.

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Do you prefer a light and airy edit, or are you partial to dark and moody as well?

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taking stock #010


This taking stock snuck up on me, so when I looked at my editorial calendar and realised it was time for another taking stock post, I was really pleased.

I find these posts make me stop and think, give thanks and be grateful for all that has been happening in my world.

and all really is good in my world at the moment

Making: simple, pretty and affordable earrings to pop in at Walcha Handmade
Cooking: rice for dinner tonight.  Just not sure what is going to go with it
Drinking: water, water and more water
Reading: Richard Fidler’s Ghost Empire.  It was recommended and loaned to me by a work colleague, and he really knows his books
Wanting: that weekend away still…
Looking: at all of the new blooms in the garden
Playing: Michael Buble in the CD player.  Boy, that man can sing
Deciding: 24-70 lens?  50mm f/1.4?  35mm f/2? I. Don’t. Know.
Wishing: someone would give me a definitive answer to the above
Enjoying: having the bed to myself lately
Waiting: for the next season of Walking Dead.  Only a week to go!
Liking: avocado and vegemite on toast
Wondering: why I didn’t start doing daily yoga much sooner
Loving: sitting outside in the sun at lunchtime and getting my dose of Vitamin D
Pondering: the future
WatchingTiny Luxury on Sunday nights.  I love the concept of tiny houses, and hope to one day live in one myself
Hoping: for a quiet weekend.  Last weekend was busy, and it’s heading into that stupid-crazy-busy time of year
Marvelling: at how good I feel for my daily morning yoga practice
Needing: a weekend away from the mountain (there’s a theme happening here…)
Smelling: the neroli and patchouli candle that is currently burning (thanks, Vela girls!)
Wearing: jeans to work, and having the kids notice
Following: the Daughter’s travels on Instagram
Noticing: the little things
Knowing: that tomorrow will be another day, and what didn’t get done from the to-do list will still be waiting
Thinking: about dinner
Feeling: tired a lot lately
Admiring: dark and moody photos on Instagram
Sorting: through e-books and putting the printed versions away in folders
Buying: a sit-stand stool for my standing desk.  Although I love standing while I work, it really does put a lot of stress on your legs
Getting: ready for the Walcha Central School Art Fete and Fair.  I’m having a stall there and will be marking down lots of old jewellery stock, so drop by and have a look!
Bookmarking: where I am up to in my book…
Disliking: that someone snapped off at ground level the newly planted trees in Middle Street.  Why?
Opening: …
Giggling: with a friend who emptied her water bottle while checking her watch – haven’t had such a good laugh in a long time, and it still makes me smile to think of it
Snacking: on caramel slice from Cafe Graze – thanks, girls!
Coveting: a weekend away somewhere.  Anywhere…
Wishing: on a star
Helping: out whenever I can
Hearing: the birds twittering in the bush at the back window

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

What is good and grand in your world right now?

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preparation and process: why I will ask you to sign a photo release form

why i will ask you to sign a model release form when you have a photography session with me

what is a photo release form?

A photo release form is the term I use for a model release form.

How are they different?  And, what is a model release form?

In it’s simplest terms, a model release (or photo release in my case), is a written and signed agreement between you (the client) and me (the photographer).  The purpose of this contract is to protect– release– me from liability in future lawsuits which previous clients might file against me for legal claims like invasion of privacy, defamation of character, etc. Simply put, the document stipulates the terms under which one party may use photos taken of another party.

Why do I ask you to sign one?

Effectively, I’m asking your permission to take your photo.  Particularly if I’m photographing your children.  According to Legal Vision Australia, no precise rules that spell out when a model release is required.  But because I wish to use images taken at your session for promotional purposes for my business, I ask you to sign the photo release.

Can you refuse to sign it?

Yes, you can.  In signing it you are giving me, as the photographer, all publication rights to all images, which is effective from the date of signature to the end of time. There is no right after signature to ask me, as the photographer, to destroy particular images.

Am I going to publish your photos if you don’t sign?

No, I won’t.  I will respect your right to not sign the document.

Will I publish less-than-perfect images of you?

Absolutely not.  I’m running a business that I want to thrive and grow, so it’s in nobodies best interest to publish photos like that.

The aim of these posts is to help you understand the preparation and processes that go into your photo shoot.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

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