taking stock #009

telling their stories so that history isn't lost

It seems that these posts come most when I need to stop and smell the roses.

I was telling a girlfriend today that…

…someone pressed fast forward on my life, and I can’t find the stop button

I’ve been having moments lately when it seems that life is going to overwhelm me.  So I stop, sit in the sun and take 10 minutes to remind myself that I can do this.

those roses are smelling sweet

Making: beautiful photos to go with the amazing stories of the residents at our local retirement home (a little sneak peek above…)
Cooking: meals in the slow cooker – it’s an afternoon sanity saver
Drinking: lots of water… still
Reading: A Beautiful Anarchy by David Duchemin – a book about the human longing to create
Wanting: to get it all done!
Looking: at places to visit in Morocco
Playing: with logos in Photoshop Elements
Deciding: that life is too short not to travel
Wishing: for that weekend away… still
Enjoying: the colder nights and the warmth of our fire
Waiting: and waiting and waiting and waiting
Liking: my new Moment camera case
Wondering: …
Loving: having my Girl home!
Pondering: lots of things
Considering: all the options
Watching: nothing at the moment… all of my favourite t.v. shows have finished
Hoping: that my passport arrives before Daughter leaves
Marvelling: …
Needing: the kids to turn down the stereo… does this mean I’m getting old?
Smelling: newly turned soil from my freshly planted winter veg
Wearing: socks and slippers – not attractive, but I have warm feet!
Following: world events and wondering what the blue blazes is going on
Noticing: that my eyesight is getting worse, quick
Knowing: that I’m just going to have to remember to have my glasses with me more often
Thinking: that it’s nice to have the bed to myself for a couple of nights
Feeling: just a tad overwhelmed at the moment – have I bitten off more than I can chew?
Admiring: grit and determination
Sorting: through fonts I’ve loaded on my computer… I had to print them out so I could remember what I’d installed…
Buying: too many things online
Getting: up early for my morning yoga session and loving it
Bookmarking: recipes in my essential oils books
Disliking: insincerity
Opening: mail
Giggling: at the dog every time she groans when she gets up – sucks to get old
Snacking: on tamari almonds – yum
Coveting: that 24-70 lens still…
Wishing: that every now and again the Boy would stop talking… just for a few minutes
Helping: my Girl prep for her tutoring sessions – helps to have a Mother who was a teacher
Hearing: the dog snoring

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

How do you deal with the overwhelm?

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walcha family portrait session – the beaumont family

Lou wanted Tim’s 70th birthday was going to be remembered in a special way…

It was the Thursday evening before, when the phone rang. Lou, full of apologies for leaving the booking so late, explained that Keel was home for the weekend to surprise Tim for his birthday.

would I be able to take photos for them?


Tim was keen to have his photo taken with his dogs – Penny and Mutley. Dogs can be a bit difficult sometimes, but these two pooches were a dream to work with! Of course, the doggy treats Lou was holding up behind me worked a treat too!!

Lou’s request was for photos at the old Anglican Church, as they were the last couple be married there.

And then it was off to the park, where Lou used to swing Keel when he was a little tacker.

I can honestly say I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  It was so much fun photographing this couple who are still so much in love.

Tim has a wicked sense of humour. Lou is always smiling.  And Keel has such a generous and kind spirit.

Thanks for the awesome morning.  Looking forward to doing this again!

Photography by Tasha Chawner - Tim B and his best friends

The Walcha branch of the Beaumont family - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Tim and Lou were the last couple to be married at the old Anglican Church in Walcha - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Such a happy couple - Tim and Lou - Photography by Tasha Chawner

The love just shines from this gorgeous couple - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Keel, Lou and Tim - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Moments to remember on Tim's 70th - Photography by Tasha Chawner

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{photography} golden hour in grandma’s garden

We’ve just had a couple of days on the North Coast, visiting with Grandma and Grandpa and enjoying the warmer (than where we live) weather.

it’s always wonderful to see the coastal colours of winter too

…especially compared to the stark, brown, dry and dead that seems to dominate our local scenery.


The garden was teeming with all of these little garden spiders.  Spinning their webs, catching dinners and rebuilding as required.  Kind of feels like my life at the moment… tackling the to-do list, dinners, more tackling, more dinners.  It seems like I’m stuck in my own web of never-ending-ness and not-achieving-much-fast.

makes me wonder if spiders ever get sick of doing the same thing over and over and over

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Ever get stuck in your own web of life?  What do you do to keep yourself sane when you do?

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20 winter photos to take this australian winter


With suggestions that we might get snow this weekend, I thought I’d put together a winter photo checklist specific to an Australian winter.

There are plenty of Northern Hemisphere-based winter photo checklists, but they all include fun snowy things like snowball fights and snow angels.  We’re not lucky enough to get that much snow here in Australia, but we are lucky enough to get the much-cooler-than-summer weather.  Cool enough (especially for we mountain-dwellers) that there are days when we don’t see the sun and don’t stick our heads outside unless absolutely necessary!

It doesn’t mean that we should put our cameras down for the season, though.  There are still plenty of memory-worthy photos to be taken.

I’m going to aim to take a few of these myself, and post them over on my Photography by Tasha Chawner Facebook page.

want to join in the fun with me?

You can download and print the 20 photos to take this Australian winter photo checklist photos here.

photos to take this winter

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photographing death and decay


death and decay

I’ve been watching this lone, tenacious apple for a few weeks now.  It has held on, slowly shrivelling, while all the other apples on the tree let go to begin their return to the earth.

Death and decay have been hovering in my field of vision for the last couple of weeks. Some near and dear to me have lost ones near and dear to them. And it makes me think, perhaps a little morbidly, that the time is drawing closer to my losing loved ones as well…

As an avid fan of the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell, the subjects of death and decay have fascinated and intrigued me for years.  It’s not a subject I’ve ever been afraid of, but not one I’d thought to photograph myself.  There is a certain taboo and shocking-ness around images portraying death.  Or so I thought until I came across the works of Sally Mann and her Body Farm series.  And when you start Googling the phrase ‘death and decay’, it’s surprising what comes up in results.  It doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up photographing gorgeous families, but it does mean that I’m not going to be quite so afraid of photographing nature and her equilibrium.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Einstein to ponder…

The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears, for there’s no risk of accident for someone who’s dead.

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Is death and decay a taboo topic for you?  Or is this part of the cycle of life openly discussed?

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