About Tasha


 I’m Tasha – the conservative hippie.

WTF? I can hear you say!

Conservative hippie-dom?
What does that mean?

For me, it means that I’m trying my damnedest to do the best I can for our planet (aren’t we all?!).
I use alternative health practitioners (yes, I do have a regular GP) and believe in the power of meditation. I eat raw and organic when possible and don’t do chemicals, preservatives and numbers in my home or my food. My wardrobe consists of a lot of sustainable fabrics, and quality pieces that will stand the test of time. I have a thing for crystals but don’t place much faith in the zodiac. And I don’t wear tie-dye (hence the conservative!)
Being a conservative hippie stands for a lot of other things too, which you can read more about here.


Hello! It’s unusual to find me on this side of the lens – a photographer’s curse, I’m sure.

I am a Mum.

To 2 wonderful kids – my Beautiful Girl and the Little Man. Not bad, considering that once upon a lifetime I never wanted to have children. My greatest fear is that one day they’ll no longer want to give me cuddles and will ridicule me for enjoying Disney movies more than they do. And even though there are days when I want to string them up by their toenails, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

I am a Wife.

Married 20+ years now. There are days I love my Husband and there are days I loathe him. He’s my rock, my chief cheerleader (he just refuses to wear the skirt and shake the pom-poms) and the one who makes my coffee every morning. He’s also another person I couldn’t imagine living without.

I am a Learning Support Officer.

I work with the kids who need that extra bit of assistance in class. When I trained as a high-school teacher, I never thought that this is where teaching would lead me, but it is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever worked at. Seeing the light bulb come on when that thing that had them stumped comes together never gets old.

I am a Photographer.

For me, the essence of photography is finding something interesting in an ordinary place….

When Husband bought me a camera in early-2008, to distract me from my chronic back pain, I rediscovered the joy of making photos, and photography became an integral part of my world again.
I’d love to be able to say I pick up my camera every day, but I don’t – which is how The Weekend Photo Project came to be. At least now I pick up my camera (most) weekends.

I have an undying love for macro photography, but my latest photographic passion is black and white.

Why black and white?

Because when you strip away the colour, it’s the details that you notice. You accentuate the rawness that is real life and observe the finer points that often go unnoticed in our busy lives.

I am a Jewellery Designer.

This passion began in the summer of 2003, as a result of insomnia. Husband was away working and I was having trouble sleeping, so a $2 bag of glass beads became a necklace and bracelet for my Sister for Christmas.
My style has changed from stringing to metal work. I work mainly in copper now, which came about when my Beautiful Girl became ill and was thought to have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (thankfully she didn’t).
I still get a secret thrill when I see my jewellery being worn by friends and fans. Being able to adorn others with pretty things makes me smile.

about the blog

I started blogging when we moved to our little town in early 2007. I’d hurt my back and was house-bound, and I needed a way to connect with the world so that I didn’t go (entirely) mad. This blog began its life as an outlet for me, and it continues to be. It’s also a place where friends can drop by and feel at home.

about the studio

My business – Made by Tasha Chawner – began in the summer of 2003, as a remedy for insomnia. It’s now a remedy for my creative urges.
Currently, I am not releasing designs twice a year, but creating as time allows.  These pieces can be found online in the blog shop, at the pharmacy in Strahan, Tasmania and at Walcha Handmade in Walcha.

And finally, 5 fun facts about me (just so you know who you’re dealing with…)

1. I love white water rafting. It’s on my bucket list to raft the Zambezi River before I die. I’m just shit-scared that I’ll injure my back again, so I don’t know that I ever will get around to it. Before I injured my back though I rafted the Tully River in North Queensland 7 times and the Nymboida in New South Wales the once. LOVE white water.
2. I have really bad bed hair of a morning. On days I work I dunk my head in water so that I’m respectable and don’t scare the kids I work with. On days I don’t work I wear a beanie.
3. I label things. Just ask my friend Karen. Or my Husband who says I’m anal-retentive-obsessive-compulsive. My theory is that if everything has a place and is put back in that place then everyone in the house can find it. And yes, I can tell you exactly where everything is in my house. Exactly.
4. I love the smell of patchouli. How hippie is it to love patchouli? Really don’t care. I like the smell.
5. I believe that every now and again you should eat cake for lunch. And you shouldn’t feel guilty when you do.

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