Advertising Savvy

My first foray into advertising was not a resounding success.

Having introduced myself to the debutantes, I decided to run a small editorial in the free local weekly newspaper.  Why?  Because EVERYBODY in town reads it. 

What valuable lesson did I learn?

Go prepared. 

Very prepared. 

Have your own editorial written.  Include information about yourself, your business (obviously), where you work from, what designs you specialise in, your price range & when you are available for consultations.

But I think the biggest mistake I made (& therefore lesson I learned)? 

Have a disc (or copy) of photographs of your work.  Photographs that you have taken yourself.  Photographs that you are happy with.  And the all important photograph of yourself.

Let’s just say, that after the editorial….  I’m now known as the jewellery lady with the sticky-up hair!! 

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Mountain Jewel

Mountain Jewel

The Feature Design for the Spring/Summer 2007-8 Collection.

Named ‘Mountain Jewel’ for the fantastic collection of earth-tone agate pendants, with an impressive centre stone, this necklace weighs in at 114 grams (4 ounces).

Three strands of black/silver seed beads drape luxuriously between the agate rounds. 

Finished with a boho brass lobster clasp this show-stopping necklace is sure to have you noticed wherever you may go.

Price: SOLD 

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Re-thinking How I Design

Because of my back injury, this year I was forced to re-think & consequently change the way I design. 

Before this year I would simply design -be spellbound by the colour, shape or texture of a bead…  see an image in a magazine,  on television…  watch someone walking in the street, or see something in a flash as I was driving by…  It would spark the creative in me, and I would design.

With little thought given to how long I had been absorbed in a piece – only keeping an eye on the clock, to be sure I was on time to pick the children up from school – I gave little regard to the current trends & colours, & designed many pieces of jewellery.

My vision for my designs was (& still is) that they would be truly one-of-a-kind.  To achieve this I would only ever source enough beads for the one piece,  and so remain true to the unique-ness of each design. 

But with my injury,  I had to rethink the number of pieces I was creating.  I am no longer able to lose myself to the creative process as I used to.  Sitting & standing for long periods aggravates my injury and makes for an unhappy Tasha, & consequently an unhappy family – something I was determined would not happen.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still have bad days, & when I do, my family knows it.  But I won’t intentionally submit them to it, so prolonged sitting & standing is now a no-go.  

So, I made a conscious decision to be more aware of the current (& forecasted) colours for the seasons.  I researched the trends – but decided that they weren’t an important factor in my design principle.  I also decided that I would start to produce a seasonal line – Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter.  Each line would contain 10 necklaces, plus a standout Feature Design

I’m incredibly happy with the journey my choices are taking me on.  By producing a seasonal line, putting more thought into colour selection, and giving myself the challenge of a Feature Design – I feel my business is growing into a more coherant, maganeable & organised one.  I can now not only focus on the designs aspects, but allow myself to explore other creative possibilities, focus on the administrative side of the business & perhaps best of all….  leave it all at my desk, to enjoy my family.

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A Long Time Between Posts

The Back Drama Continues….

Been a while since my last post because things have been somewhat chaotic in my world. 

In between sick children & husband, I’ve had my first epidural cortisone injection.  Needless to say, I was incredibly nervous.  The thought of someone (even if they are a trained doctor!) sticking this huge needle near your spine, was enough to give me pause.  My saving grace (& mantra) throughout the whole procedure was my little boy having said to me “Mum, you can cuddle my buddies if you need to.” 

The needle has definitely lessened the amount of pain in my lower back.  I think I’d forgotten what is was like to NOT be in pain.  I’m still having problems with the numbness in my right leg though, & as a result I can’t sit or stand for too long without discomfort.  Hence the long spell between posts.

I have gotten my new laptop this last week & fully intend to get back to posting regularly.  So, I’ll see you all soon, with some more on Debutante jewellery.

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Choosing Earrings to Suit Your Face

Whatever the shape of your face, you can use particular earring styles to draw attention to or away from your face shape.

When talking about face shapes we refer to the basic shapes of :

    oval – an oval face will have wider cheekbones, which narrow down to the jaw line and chin.  It is considered to be the ideal face shape and has the advantage of being able to wear just about any style of earring.  Keeping your earrings in balance with your body size – petite or large –  is a good idea.
    heart-shaped – also referred to as the ‘triangle shape’ – is broader at the forehead, tapering to a small, narrow chin.  Those with a heart-shaped face will want to wear teardrops, triangular or chandeliers that are wider at the bottom.  Button earrings will also help to balance out, and widen your chin.
    round – those with round faces have a round forehead and chin, and wide, full cheeks – with the added advantage of looking younger than they are!  You don’t want to emphasize the roundness of your face though.  Long drop earrings or rectangular shaped earrings will help elongate your face.  Stay away from button style earrings or hoops.
    square – your face is equally wide at the forehead, cheeks and jawline.  Drop earrings will create a look of length and complement your face.
    long – similar to an oval face, but with high cheekbones and forehead.  Long dangling earrings will elongate your face, so try a smaller, button style earring.

Whatever the shape of your face though, the earrings that you choose will be a reflection of you – stones, pearls or crytals; gold, silver or boho – you must be comfortable with, and love, your choice.

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