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the hands project: part 3

the hands project has drawn to a close, but it has inspired me to photograph my own grandparents when I visit them next month

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images.

You can find part 1 of the project here and part 2 here.

Colin – born 1942
Images of my time as a military photographer will always be in my head.

I worked to connect the community.

Nancye – born 1919
I love the fine things in life. So many wonderful memories. The world is a beautiful place, you know.

John – born 1924
We raised fine wool. I was always very proud of the work we did.

Joyce – born 1930
My family is so important to me. We have been in the area for so long. We are part of the history of the place.

Rosemary – born 1936
I went on the Tom Quilty 100 Mile Endurance Ride. I sat in the saddle for more than 100 hours. One of my many achievements in life.

Noreen – born 1929
I remember having to walk to school, all the way from the race course when I was young. I worked at Erratts store for years. I raised my family in Walcha.

Patricia – born 1930
I’ve had a very busy life. A nurse during the war and I was one of the first air hostesses in Australia. I also designed and made my own clothes.

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Which was your favourite image and why?

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The Year That Was


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What did I get up to in the last 12 months?

1. Waved goodbye to 14 Christmas guests, then went and collapsed on the couch for the afternoon.

2. Drove a 10 hour round trip to take Daughter to a naturopath appointment (in-car bonding time and we’re so glad we’ve found Pauline).

3. Started a new job (one that pays fortnightly *gasp*).

4. Stayed ‘dry’ for the month of February.

5. Found out there is no cheap time to travel to Tasmania.

6. Mourned the passing of an old and dear friend.

7. Did not speak to my Sister weekly (and missed our conversations).

8. Made time to have lunch out with the Husband regularly.

9. Learned to Zentangle.

10. Photographed a dude getting arrested, at gunpoint, by the side of the road.

11. Watched and giggled while my kids and their friends had massive water pistol- and bucket fights in the backyard… all the while wishing I could join them.

12. Hosted 17 teenagers for lunch at my house (and yes, I would probably do it again!)

13. Made 2 new friends.

14. Re-read the entire ‘”Tomorrow Series” by John Marsden.

15. Invested in a DSLR (I *love* my camera).

16. Tossed out all of my old make-up and invested in natural, no-chemical lovelies.

17. Did not conquer my fear of balloons.

18. Learned the difference between a plug-in and a widget (I think…).

19. Celebrated my Big Brother’s first birthday with us.

20. Remembered that if it doesn’t get done today, I can always do it tomorrow… no stress attached, because I am in charge of me.

What did you achieve this year that you are particularly proud of?

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