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{create} Up-cycling Thai Silk Shirts

When my Sister came back from living in Thailand, she bought us all back some gorgeous pieces of Thai silk clothing.

Small Boy and Husband both received shirts…

View Silk Shirts

Husband never wore his (that I can recall) and Small Boy has long since out-grown his.

I loved it when Small Boy wore his brown Thai silk.  It was a favourite shirt of his, so he wore it often.  And I couldn’t bear parting with it.

I had been eyeing some of Dannielle – of with 2ns – phone cases, when I hit on the idea of getting the shirts made in to bags.

I contacted Dannielle, and after a couple of emails back and forth to discuss designs, I sent off the shirts!

And these are what I got back!!

View Thai Silk Bags by with2ns

I love that I now carry my Small Boys shirt with me every day… And I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to use Husband’s shirt-bag.

Thanks so much Dannielle!  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and I love my new bags!!

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Banded Agate Commission

It’s been a busy month for custom work…  I like busy!!

Mary M. had spotted and tried on Mountain Jewel at the Walcha Craft Fair.  She liked the necklace, but as she didn’t have enough cash on her, she went off to get some money. 

It’s one of the dilemmas of craft shows… the customer likes the piece, but doesn’t have enough money.  Will they really come back like they say, or are they not going to?  The rule I work by is if they don’t put down a deposit, then the design goes back on the table for sale.

And that’s what happened.  Another customer came along, fell in love with “Mountain Jewel” and bought it!

So, Mary commissioned a necklace similar to the original. 

Banded Agate Commission

Banded Agate Commission

I must admit I am quite pleased with the finished piece.  I added another stone near the clasp, to make the design a little different to the original.

The agates used are gorgeous in their colour.  And the bands of black add detail and interest.

A close up of the agates.

A close up of the agates.

Another happy customer!

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Sapphire and Citrine Commission

One of my favourite aspects of jewellery design, is creating a gift for special occasions.

So when Leroy B. asked me to create a jewellery set for his wife Joanne, to celebrate their 14th Wedding Anniversary, I was thrilled and excited.

Leroy is the first to admit that his understanding of women, in relation to jewellery, is a little dubious.  He freely admits that he is best at putting the money on the counter and letting his wife choose the piece she likes best.

So, with that in mind, I was put in touch with Joanne’s best friend, and together we discussed stones, designs and necklace lengths. 

Opal is the stone for 14 years of marriage.  A symbol of hope, purity and innocence, opal means “precious stone” in Sanskrit.  Joanne however, is not a fan of opal.

If you also are not a fan of opal, then agate and bloodstone are your alternatives for a 14th wedding anniversary.

Through my chats over the phone with Leroy, he had informed me that Joanne is quite sentimental.  With this in mind, I thought that a design that incorporated both of their birthstones (sapphire), and the birthstone of their son (citrine), would add the perfect sentimental element to the gift.  Leroy obviously dotes on both his wife and son, so the use of birthstones would make the gift even more personal and special, not only for Joanne, but Leroy as well.

Once the design was finalised, I set to work sourcing the stones.  The citrine rondelles were not that difficult to source.  The smooth sapphire rondelles however, proved a challenge.  I’m glad that Leroy specified smooth though, as the finish of the set was much more refined and elegant.  Strung on tiger tail specifically for gemstones, both the necklace and bracelet were finished using 14K gold clasps.  The necklace is also designed so that it can be worn as two bracelets.

For Leroy and Joanne's 14th Wedding Anniversary

For Leroy and Joanne

Happy Anniversary to you both, and I hope that you have many more years of love and happiness.

XX Tasha

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A Calming Necklace Completed

Custom Order for a Calming Necklace

The thank you gift Custom Order completed.

I’m really pleased with the outcome.  The necklace is quite distinctive – the colours work together beautifully.

The customer who is giving it as the gift is pleased also.

Happy customer = happy me!


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Designing for Strangers

I’ve been very fortunate with the Custom Designs I’ve done previously, that I have been able to work closely with the person who is going to wear the design.

Lesley knew exactly what gemstones & toggle clasps she wanted for her necklaces.
Michelle was creating a gift for her mum, with a clear idea of what she wanted.

I’ve received my first commission with vague guidelines. 

The recipient is an acquintance of the giver, & the necklace is a thank you gift for her help with work.

It’s nice being given free reign on the materials & the design.  But kind of nerve wracking, at the same time.

Will they like it?  Or will they think it is the most ghastly, hideous necklace they’ve ever seen?

How do you cope with designing for strangers, based on a few vague ideas?

Do you find it liberating, or is it a task you dread?

I’m curious about others experiences….



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