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365 Project – Day 141

Day 141 - Golden Eggs

Squeezing in another theme-egg photo for the 365project.org theme of the week.

Bought the kids some Macro Easter eggs today, and couldn’t resist taking the golden sparkly foil out in to the sun to photograph them.  Had to work quick though – didn’t want them to melt and the dog kept wanting to help… eat them, that is!

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{create} Diary of a Design – Carli’s Bridal Party Jewellery

My gorgeous cousin Carli gets married in August this year.

She’s asked me to make all the jewellery for herself and her bridesmaids.  Bridal orders are wonderful to do – it’s awesome to be a part of someone’s special day, in such a personal way.

So after quite a number of emails back and forth, and the odd phone call – Carli decided on the earring design that she wantd for the girls.

I’m not going to give any dress details away – let it be a special surprise for all who attend – but Carli knew she wanted stunning chandelier earrings in a yummy chocolate colour, combined with gold.

Swarovski crystals were her bead of choice – for their luxe glimmer and glint.

The closest colour to chocolate in the Swarovski range is Mocca.

Finding a stockist here in Australia with the range of sizes and shapes that we needed was difficult, so we went ended up sourcing them from Fire Mountain Gems in the U.S.

We didn’t have to wait long – about a week for the parcel to arrive –

Fire Mountain Gems Parcel

Unopened !

I love the way these guys package their goodies.  It’s the first time I’ve ordered through them, so was very impressed to see this when I opened up the box.

Packed with Love

This was a pleasant surprise.

Next step – go through the invoice and make sure all of our bits and pieces are here.  Even though the wedding isn’t until August, Carli wants to be as organized as possible (can’t say I blame her!!)

Checking the invoice

Pen at the ready - and a stack of pretties!

All checked and there.  Next step – start the earrings !!

Stay tuned for the next part of Carli’s Bridal Party Jewellery on Thursday.

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Magnifique Monday – Elegant Weddings

Gold Wedding Kimono

Elegant, flowing, soft and magical

Created by Karen of Elegant Weddings on Etsy – this divine handmade kimono would add a touch of *special* to your wedding day – Gold Wedding Kimono – Bellagio

Karen explains: “It is made it out of a silk crepe that has a lovely soft shine to it and I handpaint the design on sleeves, front, and back.”

Be sure and drop by her Etsy shop to see more beautiful hand-painted wedding finery.

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Magnifique Monday

Created by Crystal of Chinookhugs on Etsy – this amazing insect is forged from solid 18K gold.

“I specialize in creating ONE OF A KIND DIAMOND INSECTS. Insects, “eww” is the response I usually get, or a “why” look on peoples faces, and I would response “its a bug, squish it” and I laugh. Then I would show them one of my insect creations. “wow it’s an insect, it is so cool!”
My diamond insects are created by pulling and rolling metals, forged and polished like in the old world of artisans. The designing of each insects is complexity in itself, as I work out the design to bring the beauty and complexity of the insects to life.”

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Creative Introduction: Marie Cristine Jewelry

Fused Sterling Silver Cuff

Fused Sterling Silver Cuff

Todays featured artist is Marie Cristine Lund of Marie Cristine Jewelry.

An outstanding artist who works in sterling silver, copper, gold and gemstones – and mum to twins – Marie Cristine’s love of jewellery is among one of her earliest memories.

With many of her designs being one-of-a-kind, a visit to the Gallery on Marie Cristine’s website is a must.

A member of SATeam (Starving Artists Etsy Team) she agreed to go under the spotlight….

NAME: Marie Cristine Lund

AGE: 33

HOMETOWN: Lillooet,  British Columbia,  Canada

1) What time of day are you at your creative best?

Late morning into afternoon, but that might be because the kids are at school so I’m not being interupted as much as when they are home.

2) Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any ‘rituals’ to help put you in the creative state-of-mind?

I always listen to music and either have coffee, tea or wine at hand.

3) How do you squeeze crafting into your busy life?

It’s hard, I have two 6 year olds and husband that works from home and we are also building a new house ourselves so it’s really hard to find enough time to work on building my business.

4) What are you working on now?

This and that, I just bought a rolling mill so I have been playing around and learning what I can do with it.

5) What three tools could you not live without?

Cutters, torch and a hammer.

Thanks for sharing with us Marie Cristine.  Love your designs!!

You can find Marie Cristine’s designs at her website – Marie Cristine ; her Etsy shop and keep up to date with her jewellery journey at her blog.

Tutorial for these earrings available at Marie Cristines website

Tutorial for these earrings available at Marie Cristines website

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