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Staying Sane When Dealing with Sick Kids

It’s our Winter School holidays  – ‘flu and lurgy season.

I’ve had the Little Man down with ‘flu this last week.  The whole lapsing in and out of sleep due to fevers, a couple of delightfully stinky throw-ups and a cough to make a smoker jealous.

And now the Beautiful Girl is getting sick as well.  A sore throat, head filled with snot and sore joints (I don’t like the sore joints, reminiscent of Patrick – piss off, Patrick.)

So, how do you stay sane when you have sick kids?

1.  Abandon all other plans.  The house, the small biz and the paid job can wait.  Whatever it is will be there when the kids are well (or in bed, if you have the energy).  Instead of stressing about your floors, your draft or getting your handmade item listed, let it go. It can wait.  Really, it can.

2. Prepare yourself mentally for sleepless nights.  Depending on the illness (we’ve been dealing with coughing episodes that last about 20-30 minutes and involve a lung), you’re going to be in for long and sleep-deprived nights.  If you can prepare yourself mentally for this fact, it’s going to help.  What else can you do?  When your small spawn is sprawled out unconscious on the couch, go join them.  Catch sleep whenever and wherever you can.  It’s going to help (I said that before, didn’t I!?)

{PS. If you have more than 2 kids, or little ones that need regularly scheduled monitoring, this might be difficult.  I sympathize.}

3. Cuddle.  Yes, I know that they are spitting their germs all over you when they hack, but you and the spawn are going to feel better mentally and emotionally for the cuddles.  While you sit and wait for the fever to break (we’re a fever-has-a-purpose family), you cuddle.  Not only are you monitoring the fever, but you are releasing oxytocin – the cuddle hormone – and it’s supposed to put you in a peaceful and happy state of mind.  Sick kids… Peaceful.  Not sure it will work and the cuddle is not going to break the fever, but you’re both going to feel better for the loving.

4. Look after yourself.  You’re sleep deprived, covered in spit and vomit and feeling like this week will never end.  Whatever the lurgy is throwing at you though, MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AFTER YOURSELF (yes, I know I yelled).  Plenty of fluids (every time you tempt your fever-ridden spawn with liquid, have a glass yourself); chicken broth (I’ve added my awesome slow-cooked chicken carcass broth recipe – sounds gross, I know – at the end of the post); fresh air (yes, I know it’s cold out, go and get a lung-full of it) and most importantly, don’t beat yourself up about your kid being sick.  Kids get sick.  You could very well too.

5. Remember this to shall pass.  Make this your mantra.  In a week or two, three tops, the kids will be back on top of their game and driving you to distraction all over again.  And you’ll have forgotten about the lurgy-filled previous weeks.

Any other tips to add for sick-kid sanity?

{Honestly, this chicken broth is great.  It’s a favourite winter warmer of ours, regardless of our health status.  Enjoy!}

Chicken Carcass Broth

1 large chicken carcass  (we only use free-range chickens – good marrow –  and use the carcass after a roast chicken, extra flavour)

2 medium onions, coarsely chopped (if I don’t have onions in the house, I’ll substitute with garlic)

3 medium carrots, coarsely chopped

3 medium stalks of celery with leaves, coarsely chopped

8 cups chicken stock

2 teaspoons dried thyme (I tend to halve the herbs as they can be a little overpowering)

1 teaspoon dried sage leaves

1 bay leaf

4 whole black peppercorns

salt (I usually leave the salt out, as the stock I use is fairly salty already)

Put all the ingredients (except the salt) in to the insert of your slow cooker.  Cover and cook on high for 4-5 hours, or on low for 8-10 hours.

Season with salt.  Strain the broth through a colander to remove the large solids, the strain again through a fine mesh sieve. (I don’t strain, at all.  I’ll go through the broth and pick out the bones, gristle and icky-looking bits, but we like it veg and all)

Don’t have a slow cooker?  Works just as well on a low heat on the stove top, but be sure and keep an eye on it!


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{in biz} Regaining Momentum

The print depicts Kiyomori, suffering from fev...

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We’ve all been sick at our house this last week.

Husband had a head-cold (and a very healthy dose of ‘man-flu’).

Daughter is still being knocked around – her ‘mystery’ virus is letting other bugs take hold and she just can’t quite get well.

My Little Man has had the worst of it.  A fever that wouldn’t break, up-chucks and copious amounts of green stuff coming out of his nose.  (He’s having the afternoon off school today – currently asleep on the couch, which tells me he’s still not well because he never takes an afternoon nap.)

Me… well, I’ve got ‘something’ too.  But I’ve also had to look after everyone else.  So I’m pretty wiped out at the moment.

Which is making it really difficult for me to get back in to the swing of things?

I’m feeling over-whelmed and under-motivated… not a good combination.

We all know the importance of taking a personal day. Taking the time to recharge your batteries.

But how do you kick-start your energies when you’ve taken a enforced week?

And when your not firing on all cylinders anyway…

Do you take more time?  Cut back the pace?  Free up the schedule a bit?

What I’m really struggling with is regaining momentum.  After the enforced break from all things work, I can’t seem to just pick up where I left off.

And I’d left off at a daily blog posts, daily listings and pretty frequent tweets.

How do you go about regaining your momentum…?

Or should I just go and pull up some couch next to my Little Man…?

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{create} Diary of a Design

My Beautiful Girl has been really unwell of late.

She got sick back in late-February, and just hasn’t been well since.  She has had really sore joints, and our naturopath suggested a copper bangle to help with the inflammation.

To which I replied, “I can make her one!”

I started by hammering flat a thick piece of copper wire.  This wire measures 3 millimetres ( approximately 3/32″) and I love working with it!

Hammering the copper wire flat.

I decided to punch her name in to the bangle – to give it a special touch.

I also needed to create a clasp that would be easy for her to take off.  We need to be able to get if off her quickly if it starts to irritate her.

Drilling the clasp latch.

I drilled a 3.2 millimetre (just over 3/32″) wide hole in one end, using my Dremel bench top drill-press (I love my drill-press!)

Filing the rough edges.

Then it was back to the bench to file any rough edges.

Next step was to stamp her name…

Getting ready to stamp.

And then start to form the bangle.  I simply draped the wire over Daughter’s wrist, with the name centred, and gently bent the bangle to suit the shape of her wrist (talk about personalised!!)

I had bent a hook in one end, to go through the hole I had drilled earlier.  Some more filing to take away rough edges and I was ready to finish forming the bangle.

The easy-to-unlatch latch.

Beating the copper around a metal bangle mandrel, using a raw-hide hammer to shape it, also helps to work harden and strengthen.

Shaping a bangle.

She’s very pleased with the finished result…

A personalized copper bangle.

Now we’re just hoping that it helps to balance out some imbalances in her body, and help with the healing process.

Will let you know what she reports…

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