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marinka family portrait session – the kealey family

The Kealey family have been a part of our lives for the past 8 years.

I’ve photographed them all over this time – at afternoons spent by the river, birthday parties, Christmas lunches and evenings filled with love and laughter – but as Sam draws nearer to leaving home and starting his own adventure, Jen has been wanting to do a family portrait session.

With one thing and another, it hadn’t happened.  Until Jen remembered it was my birthday and invited me out to Marinka for a birthday lunch.  She rang a couple of afternoons prior and asked – if it was okay with me – could we follow lunch up with that family portrait session, seeing as everyone was home for the weekend?

How could I resist?!

The dress code for the afternoon was jeans, boots, and works shirts – what everyone is relaxed in at home and outside.  Plus, work never stops on a property, and Sam and Chook had been yarding up cattle as we arrived.

Jen knew where she wanted photos taken on the property, and aside from getting Sam to crack a smile, the whole family is so used to seeing me with camera-in-hand, that they all instinctively knew what to do and where to stand!

When I asked Jen what her favourite part of the afternoon was, she replied “Cuddles from my girls at the end! I don’t love having my photo taken, but doing the shoot with my family, knowing we were getting beautiful images, made it worthwhile.”

kealey family at old buildings

meg kealey who loves to sing and dance

ali kealey and her favourite boots

ali kealey the witty rascal

ria kealey - intelligent, nature-loving girl

sam kealey blue eyed boy

chook kealey and his girls

sam and jen kealey

Ralph, the much loved mini schnauzer

cuddles from ria

kealey family walking the paddock at Marinka

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#twpp: ‘technology’

usb sticks technology

One bit of technology that I can’t live without at the moment are my usb sticks.

i have 4 of them that contain my work ‘life’

Probably not the wisest idea I’ll admit, and if they were to fail I’d be up sh*t creek well and truly, but they’re easy to carry around.  Each one is labelled with what is on it, so I can just grab, stick the little sucker in and go.

bless technology’s boots
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#twpp: (like) ‘new’


technically not new… maybe spruced up is a better phrase

Our sadly neglected back deck was given a big clean up and re-oiled this week so it’s our ‘new’ favourite space at the moment.
Being holidays we’re spending quite a bit more time outdoors – at least when it isn’t too bloody hot – so many a meal has been eaten and a good book read while lazing about in the hammock, all in this space.  So yeah, not ‘new’ per se, but damn inviting!

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#twpp: 3 things

I have driven past these 3 trees on average every 3 weeks for the last 7 years.

For about the last 6 months though, I’ve been thinking I must photograph them… must.

So this Saturday, as we were driving home from soccer in Armidale I said to Husband, “I’m going to need you to stop up here so that I can take a photo.” A small eye-roll accompanied the response of “Okay, tell me where.”

It’s not the best place to stop – being in a bit of a hollow between two dips – so he happily pushed me out of the car and assured me that he was just going to turn around up the road.  I didn’t really care if he didn’t come back.  I could have walked the last 8-odd kilometres to town taking photos along the way…  I’d photographed 3 trees.


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