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find a moment for yourself today

girl sitting on rock having a quiet moment

the last couple of months has been tough…

If I put it into perspective…  at least I don’t live in Syria…  it’s nothing I can’t manage.  Health issues on many fronts, stretching myself too thin and, once again, not listening to my body has meant the time has come where something had to give.

Our bodies don’t coming with warning lights to let us know that something is about to break. But they do give us signals when they are running low.  And running on empty seems to be a modern epidemic.  Meet a friend down the street and ask them how they’ve been, and I’ll bet that part of their answer is “busy”.

busy.  that badge of honour worn with pride by so many

Life is busy.  There’s no denying that.  We’re all plugged in, with time flying by. Places to be. People to see. Things to do. Not enough time.

And then we stress about our lack of time.

How often, though, do you schedule time to yourself?  Time to unplug.  Decompress. Take a break.

no distractions, no people, no guilt, nothing but yourself and your thoughts

Solitude is a beautiful thing and can work wonders when you let it. It’s when you neglect that need for time alone that things come unstuck.

Stop forsaking solitude to keep up with the demands of life. Carve out moments, a brief as they may be. Because once you realise that time to yourself is as real a need as food or sleep, the rewards will be worth it.

So where will you find a moment for yourself today – a moment to feel. to think. to sit – and what will you do with it?

Me?  I’m eating cake and reading a new magazine.  Care to join me?

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taking stock #012

It has been a rough couple of months with health issues on multiple fronts… all of which has taken their toll on me.

While I usually look forward to a taking stock, I’m dreading the thought of thinking about what has happened and what is to come over the next couple of months, so forgive me if there are a lot of blanks this time round….

Making: water kefir to help with my gut health, and loving it!
Cooking: from the Stone soup weekly meal plans.  We’ve only just started, but I’m thinking that it’s going to make organising dinners so much simpler.
Drinking: more of that kefir water.
Reading: nothing.  Not a thing.  Nothing is of interest at the moment.
Wanting: good health for all the family.
Waiting: for our holiday… not long to go now.
Loving: the way my family has looked after me these last couple of weeks… “We don’t do it because we have to, Mum.  We do it because we love you.”
Pondering: if all this clean living is really working.
Watching: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.  Have introduced the kids to her and while they laugh and criticise, they still ask when we’re going to watch the next episode!
Marvelling: at the change in season.  The colours are stunning.
Needing: time on a beach.
Smelling: the immune booster essential oils I’m burning in bulk at the moment… trying to rid the house of all things germy.
Wearing: comfortable clothes.
Feeling: really run down… and over it.
Admiring: the colours of the leaves in Autumn.
Disliking: coughing.
Giggling: at the Boy when he predicts what will happen in Buffy.
Hearing: the dog groan with old age whenever she moves.

Not too bad, considering.

Hope to see you all sooner rather than later, because I know that the blog has been very quiet of late.  Apologies there, but I been prioritising and unfortunately for the blog, she’s a fair way down the list.

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taking stock #006


i can’t believe I missed taking stock last month

Okay, I can believe I missed it because my mind has been anywhere else but on my blog.

It’s been a big couple of months, so I made choices about where I would spend my energy.  The blog was sidelined there for a little bit, but I’m happy to say that things are getting back to normal – whatever your definition of normal may be…

Making: time for yoga every morning
Cooking: only when necessary
Drinking: ginger tea with honey – the perfect afternoon pick-me-up
Reading: Chasing Odysseus by Sulari Gentill
Wanting: to be less tired
Looking: forward to Melbourne
Playing: quiet meditation music when I need to calm my mind
Deciding: what photography packages I will offer in my business
Wishing: I could get more done in the time I have – it seems that my to-do list keeps getting longer
Enjoying: the beautiful weather we’ve had lately
Waiting: (impatiently) for our trip to Melbourne
Liking: the sound of birdsong in the morning
Wondering: where we will be for Christmas this year
Loving: an extra day at home
Pondering: …
Considering: having a nap this afternoon
Watching:  The Witches of East End – a great no-real-need-to-think-about-it show
Hoping: my Beautiful Girl does well with the HSC
Marvelling: at how calm my mind is after a yoga session
Needing: a coffee
Smelling: Spring
Wearing: my new glasses – I can see!
Following: lots of new blogs at the moment
Noticing: a shift in people’s thinking – slow is better than busy
Knowing: that before too soon it will be 2016
Thinking: about all things business related
Feeling: tired with the start of daylight savings
Admiring: the wisteria flowers on my back deck
Sorting: out the store-room
Buying: a standing desk – it should arrive this week!
Getting: excited for our Melbourne trip (are you seeing the theme yet!!)
Bookmarking: …
Disliking: the pain my Little Man’s knees are giving him
Opening: letters
Giggling: at my Little Man’s puns – please stop!
Snacking: on ginger and carrots
Coveting: a new lens for the camera… still
Wishing: for all the best for all of the Year 12’s – I will miss those kids
Helping: out at Walcha Handmade when needed
Hearing: birdsong in the backyard

until next time…

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Thankful Thursday


Today I am thankful for…

Our quiet town, our own house and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

Although we enjoy holidays and seeing the ones we love, there is nothing quite like your own space…

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