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releasing the autumn/winter 2017 ‘simplicity’ collection

A little late in the release, but finally here….

the autumn/winter 2017 ‘simplicity’ collection

I’ve been having a bit of a time with my fingers of late.  Not working properly, and when I do manage to make, paining me for a bit after.  So the decision was made to reduce the number of pieces for this season’s collection.

Inspired by my love of minimalism and simplicity, each set of earrings is simple in design, but with enough fabulousness to be uniquely you.

You can pop through to the shop here or click through on the name of each design under the photo for more details.

And be assured, that regardless of the pain, I’m going to keep on making!

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

What is your favourite design in the ‘Simplicity’ collection and why?

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9 simple ways to just do as much as you can

blurred photo of woman standing in forest

“besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone.
the wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.”
~ Lin Yutang

Life can be complicated. We’re all busy.  Too much to do, too little time to do it. Work. Family. Business. Friends. Commitments. Life. Too many demands on your time and all with conflicting agendas.

Sound familiar?

It was while reading the latest edition of Flow that I came across the phrase ‘just do as much as you can.

I read that phrase and there was a lightbulb moment for me. A sense of joy to know that others were embracing the do-less-go-slow concept. That I’m not alone and not lazy. And the realisation that I wanted to commit to this concept for the next 12 months.

If I’m honest with myself, I’ve been doing this for the last 12 months already. The last 3 months out of necessity, not choice, as my health and energy levels plummeted to all-time lows.

Letting others do for me, and not insisting on doing everything myself. Giving my inner perfectionist permission to leave the mess. Not spending my every waking hour in helper mode. Delegating more at home and freeing up my time for things I love and excel at.  Just doing as much as I can.

it’s time to slow down

I can hear you all inwardly screaming “But how do I do that?  I’ve got too much to do and not enough time to do it!”

Here are 11 ways to get you started:

Make a conscious decision to do less. Focus on what is important, what needs to be done and let the rest go. It might take some practice but keep at it.

Find pleasure in what you are doing when you are doing it. Chose one task to do mindfully today, like, folding the washing. It’s fresh from the line, crisp and clean, and most importantly, now folded.

Disconnect from your technology.  The constant interruptions of messages and calls, and being at the mercy and demands of others. There are benefits to being unreachable.

Be present when you are with others. Without close contact with other people, we grow into cold, lonely beings. Make time every single day to spend with loved ones. Listen. Share stories. Share moments. And you won’t end up with a single death-bed regret.

Learn to say “no”. Alexandra Franzen has even written a 5 step script to saying the perfect ‘no’ if you’re stuck on how to do it graciously.

Eat slower. Savour the flavours, the texture, the taste. And take the time to eat proper food at a sit-down dinner with your family.  Ask about their day and talk about yours. It’s important.

Drive slower. Notice the sights when you drive. Wave to passers-by. Allow yourself to enjoy your inner Miss Daisy.

Stop multi-tasking. Focus on just one task. If you find yourself tempted to wander, stop, breathe and come back mentally to what you are doing.

Take a moment to breathe. There will be moments when the stress and overwhelm will hit.  This is when you stop and take a moment to breathe. And if you need to, take another breath. Continue breathing until the feeling has passed.

and just do as much as you can

2017 is my year to embrace the simplicity, to find time to unwind and to slow down the pace of life.

want to join me?

photo credit: mariateresa toledo Un bosco, un sogno.. via photopin (license)

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A Year of Instagram

I’ve recently delved back into the world that is Instagram, and am quite loving the simplicity of photo-making that it inspires me to create.

Processed with VSCO Cam - m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

I’ll be following along with Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim, and the millions of others, who take a photo a day (nothing like a little accountability to keep oneself on track).

All of my photos are taken with my iPad mini, using the Camera+ app and edited with VSCOcam.  I’ll blog about both of these apps next week, because I highly recommend them for the serious (and not so serious) photographer.

Until then, I’m off to play – photos to take, world to see, life to live.

Have a good one xo

Almost forgot, you’ll find me on Instagram here.

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{photography} Tobi Wilkinson: Buddha’s Robes

While flicking through a recent issue of Art/Edit, I came across a photograph from Tobi Wilkinson’s recent exhibition titled “Buddha’s Robes”.

I was mesmorised by the darkness of the blacks and warmth of the reds.  The simplicity of the subjects and their calm demeanours.  But then life hit fast forward again and the images were soon forgotten.

It wasn’t until I took a quite moment for myself recently – with coffee, cake and magazine in hand – that I stumble across it again.  As it did initially, the strength of the image (shown below) took my breath away, and I decided to share some of them here with you.


Tobi Wilkinson is a Sydney-based fine art photographer who works predominantly with black and white film (already in love with the lady!).

Her ‘Buddha’s Robes’ exhibition was shot mostly in her studio, and on a few trips to the monk’s monastery.  The concept behind the shoot was to capture the paradox of the robes – once an undesirable colour, but now one that stands out as a uniform.  To see more of the ‘Buddha’s Robes’ series – and read more about the concept behind the exhibit – you can visit Tobi’s website here.





All images via Tobi Wilkinson’s website – with thanks.

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{beautiful to me} andrei davidoff ceramics

i really do have a thing for ceramics at the moment



loving the simplicity of the forms and colours in andrei davidoff’s ceramics

An interesting mix of traditional Japanese and Scandinavian design, each piece is apparently robust enough for daily use (although I’m not sure Mr Davidoff has ever done the washing up with my Daughter…!)



Oh well… at these they can’t be broken just by looking at them.

You can find more of Andrei Davidoff’s works at his website here.

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