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the hands project: part 3

the hands project has drawn to a close, but it has inspired me to photograph my own grandparents when I visit them next month

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images.

You can find part 1 of the project here and part 2 here.

Colin – born 1942
Images of my time as a military photographer will always be in my head.

I worked to connect the community.

Nancye – born 1919
I love the fine things in life. So many wonderful memories. The world is a beautiful place, you know.

John – born 1924
We raised fine wool. I was always very proud of the work we did.

Joyce – born 1930
My family is so important to me. We have been in the area for so long. We are part of the history of the place.

Rosemary – born 1936
I went on the Tom Quilty 100 Mile Endurance Ride. I sat in the saddle for more than 100 hours. One of my many achievements in life.

Noreen – born 1929
I remember having to walk to school, all the way from the race course when I was young. I worked at Erratts store for years. I raised my family in Walcha.

Patricia – born 1930
I’ve had a very busy life. A nurse during the war and I was one of the first air hostesses in Australia. I also designed and made my own clothes.

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Which was your favourite image and why?

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Branga Plains Family Lifestyle Session: the Bruce family

Tash, I’m so nervous!

That was the greeting I received from Alex when I arrived at Branga Plains to photography the Bruce family.  Little did Alex know, I’d given myself quite the pep-talk in the car on the drive out, as the Bruce’s were my first official photo shoot!

Chris, Sarah, Alex and Olivia are such an easy-going family, which made my task easy in turn. They were keen to use the shearing shed at Branga Plains as a backdrop – property living and sheep being a part of their daily lives – plus they wanted their horses and dogs involved in the shoot as well, and Gemma – the cattle dog – photo-bombed on more than one occasion.

Apart from the flies that accompanied us wherever we went, they were all more than happy to simply spend time together, laughing and joking and trying not to bop Alex for many and varied suggestions on poses (he’d apparently done his homework!)

For me, it truly was an amazing first photo shoot!  Topped off by these kinds words from Sarah, once she had taken delivery of their photos….

OMG, teary plus…  Love the back of the shearing shed photos.  You caught some absolute ‘true to self’ moments.  A heartfelt thank you to you xx

family lifestyle photo shoot
family lifestyle photography walcha
bruce family photo shoot walcha
alex bruce branga plains lifestyle photography
photography by tasha chawner family lifestyle photography
branga plains walcha bruce family photo shoot
chris and sarah bruce family lifestyle photography
sarah bruce photography by tasha chawner
photography by tasha chawner family lifestyle photographer

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53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.52


It’s been an exciting week, because

i’ve started something new

For so long I thought that I was one of only a handful of creative-types living in my little town.  But this weekend just gone a new venture opened up in town.  It’s called

walcha handmade

We’re a community co-operative, which features local handmade wares, a kid’s craft corner and a (soon to opened) creative workspace for workshops.

Just knowing that there are so many creatives in town has been a proverbial breathe of fresh air.  And it’s inspired me to keep creating, which can only be a good thing.

You can find the new space at 6N Derby Street in Walcha (should you be travelling through), check us out on Facebook or follow along with what we are up to on our new blog.

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365 Project – Day 254

We were off to a friends birthday party tonight and just as we were about to leave my Murdoc came in and said “Come look at the sky, Mum.”

I quickly grabbed the camera, jumped in the car (kids and gear were already ready to go) and instructed Husband to drive to the edge of town where those pesky power lines and street lights wouldn’t be in the way.


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New Stockist – Cafe Graze

I’m thrilled to be able to announce that my earrings are now available through Cafe Graze – right here in Walcha.

Several of the 52 Earring Collection, plus some eye-catching older designs, can now be found in the jewellery display cabinet at the front of the Cafe.

If you’re passing through, by sure and stop for a coffee and a feed.  Graze (as it is affectionately known around town) has awesome coffee and delicious food, plus the service is outstanding – always accompanied by a smile and a chat.

Cafe Graze

21N Derby Street


Phone: (02) 6777 2409

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