10 tips to stress less

9. Remember, this too shall pass.


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There’s been a lot of uncertainty in our world of late.

Daughter got sick back in March.  After a mis-diagnosis of mumps, and umpteen tests for all sorts of nastiness, doctors still couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with her.

No answers.

And you know how it is.  When you don’t get any answers, you start to think the worst.

We saw our old pediatrician a couple weeks back.  And while he still couldn’t give us a definitive answer, he has put our minds at rest.

Reassurances that we’ve been doing all of the right things – massage, naturopathy, dietary changes, exercise.

And that the ‘mystery virus’ (whom we’ve named ‘Patrick’) will pass.

Now (like, right this minute, thanks Patrick) would be good.  But in time.  In time Patrick will be but a distant memory.

And sometimes, that is what it takes.  Time for ‘this too’ to pass.  Time that will teach us lessons. Help us to change our ways – for the better, one would hope.

Time to take stock, and realise what is important in your life.

For this too will pass…

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