20 winter photos to take this australian winter


With suggestions that we might get snow this weekend, I thought I’d put together a winter photo checklist specific to an Australian winter.

There are plenty of Northern Hemisphere-based winter photo checklists, but they all include fun snowy things like snowball fights and snow angels.  We’re not lucky enough to get that much snow here in Australia, but we are lucky enough to get the much-cooler-than-summer weather.  Cool enough (especially for we mountain-dwellers) that there are days when we don’t see the sun and don’t stick our heads outside unless absolutely necessary!

It doesn’t mean that we should put our cameras down for the season, though.  There are still plenty of memory-worthy photos to be taken.

I’m going to aim to take a few of these myself, and post them over on my Photography by Tasha Chawner Facebook page.

want to join in the fun with me?

You can download and print the 20 photos to take this Australian winter photo checklist photos here.

photos to take this winter

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