3 Steps to Embracing Imperfection

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Last week I confessed to being an Recovering Perfectionist.

It’s a struggle some days not to not let these tendencies through.  But I work on it.


1.  I take small steps.

One of my first small steps was letting the children make their own beds.  And leaving them – not coming behind after and straightening them up.

They’ve gotten better at bed-making, and I’ve gotten better at letting them…

2. I don’t beat myself up.

If the to-do list doesn’t get done… it will be there tomorrow.  The same goes for the washing, the dusting and the ironing (all the housekeeping in fact).

I’ve even given myself permission to let this apply to my business (which will have many small biz owners falling off their chairs), but it works for me.  Now.  Right now.

There are even some days where (gasp, shock, horror) I will read a book or watch a movie in the middle of the day!

3. I keep practising.

Just because your perfectionist tendencies haven’t reared their ugly heads for a while, doesn’t mean they won’t.

There are days when I walk past the Little Man’s room and oh-so-desperately want to straighten that bed, but I resist…

There are days when I want to come behind the Husband and re-hang the washing, but I resist…

And there are days when I know that I will do the job so much better, but the kids have asked if they can help, so I let them…

Fluff on the floor though… it will always be my kryptonite.

Resource: Perfectionism in Perspective


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