#30DaysHathNovember – Something I’m Looking Forward To

{Image: Luggage by Moriarte on Flickr}

I am soooooo looking forward to our holiday in Tasmania.

Two weeks of putzing around in a camper van…  drive a little, walk a little, see a lot.

We’re all counting down to departure day.   It’s the first time in a ages that the kids have been on a plane, so fingers crossed they both air-travel well.  We’re hoping to get in to see the Picaso exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales while we wait for our connecting flights, but otherwise we’ll have some fun people watching at the Sydney airport.

Christmas and New Year is with my Sister, BIL and two nieces.  We’re all hanging out to see them.  It’s been a little while since our last visit, so there’s lots of catching up to do for the grown-ups and heaps of fun to be had for the cousins.  I know already that my niece is planning out the menu (she’s our resident Junior Master Chef) so we’ll be fed and watered really well.

There’s no set travel plans for this trip either.  Check the map in the morning, see what looks interesting, drive for a bit and then explore.  That’s the only plans we have… pretty much just relaxing and winging it.

So I am soooooo looking forward to our holiday in Tasmania.

And I promise to post photos!

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