365 Project – Day 244

This weeks Selfie theme on the 365 Project is fairy-tales – which I met with a “what the…!”

I dragged out my wedding dress – because what fairy-tale princess doesn’t end up getting married? – and much to my surprise and joy IT STILL FITS!  I’ve been married nearly 20 years, and the dang thing still fits *doing the happy dance with a big smile*

I was going to take some soppy-over-the-shoulder-romantic-shot, but in preparation held my dress up over my jeans and socks and thought to myself… so me!

I’m a wanna-be princess who doesn’t always abide by the princess rules.

A pair of jeans and comfy socks on under the wedding dress?  Yep, that’s me.

So that’s my fairy-tale selfie for this week!

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