365 Project – Day 250

The self-portrait theme on the 365 Project this week is blue.

I honestly don’t own any blue clothing, scarves, hats or shoes – the closest I come to blue are my jeans.  No blue make-up either.  When I threw the theme out to the Husband, he suggested I look sad.  Sad = blue… Nah.

So, off to Google I went.  Keywords – blue self portrait.  Not a lot came up in the way of photos.  More artworks.  And this one really struck a chord with me.

I’ve edited the photo in Foto Flexer, using their blueprint effect.  I then moved it over to Picnik and used the doodle tool.  I didn’t like the doodle tool in Foto Flexer – it wasn’t fluid enough to work with a mouse.

This is the first time I’ve really edited a photo to this extent.  Your thoughts?

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