365 Project – Day 258

And the selfie challenge for this week is The Other Side of Me.

How does a pentacle represent the other side of me?

It’s a side of me that I don’t often let others know about (and now officially letting the world know – hello, world wide web!)

Why don’t I let others know?

Because I got tired of the misconceptions – that because I’m Pagan I must worship the devil and sacrifice goats.  I got tired of others disputing my explanation of what my religion means to me.  I got tired of the arguments that their religion is the right religion.

Some of my nearest and dearest don’t even know this about me.  And yet I’m bearing my soul (my religion) on my blog.  Another why?

Because it’s time.  Time to own my religion.  Time to own my beliefs.  Time to be who I am…

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