365 Things – Week 2

The plan is to get rid of one thing a day for 365 days.

To simplify.

Here are contributions 8-14 (from top – left to right):

8. A large Fiskars embossing board.
9. A book of Mother poems.
10. Plastic storage box.
11. Frosted glass plate.
12. Mini copper candelabra.
13. Carved stone pot.
14. Book of love quotes & poems.

It’s all off to our local Vinnies in the next couple of days.

Now, I had originally planned on posting 7 things each weekend.  But the thought of photographing and prepping this particular blog post is making me cringe.  Instead I’m going to create a little area in the sidebar where I will list the 7 things that are leaving the house.  Every now and again I’ll probably do a post (it’s my act of accountability), but otherwise, sidebar it is!

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