4 Reasons You Might Need a Sabbatical


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Sabbatical Year ~noun

A leave often with pay granted usually every seventh year (as to a college professor) for rest, travel or research – called also sabbatical leave.

Source: Merriam Webster

I’ve been designing jewellery and growing my micro-business for 8 years now.

In that time I haven’t taken a break.  Sure, I’ve had some creative dry-spells and injury-induced ‘rests’, but I haven’t taken a proper break – a planned and extended time away from work.

So why now?  Why 2011?

But your turn first.

Which of these reasons for taking ‘time’ might apply to you?

1.  I need to rest and rejuvenate.

2.  I need to change track professionally.

3.  I’ve lost purpose in my life/career/creativity.

4.  The daily grind is wearing me down – I need to escape.

For me, number 3 played a huge part in my decision.

I’d lost the spark I used to have when I was making jewellery.  It didn’t excite me anymore when I picked up my tools.  My ideas-well had run very dry and the thought of cutting and hammering metal made me look for an excuse to do something else (like clean my house!?)

If you are like so many _______ (insert your word of choice here – mum, artist, carer, career woman) you’ve probably been pouring yourself in to your ‘work’ for quite some time now.   You haven’t had a break in so long that your muse has packed their bags and moved on to someone who will appreciate them.

How to you know you need to take a sabbatical?

Firstly (and most importantly) YOU need to decide if the time is right for YOU.

This year was the right time for me.  I’ve given myself permission to not create jewellery.  Sure, I’m going to still be (attempting) to make 52 Earrings in 2011, but I may even give myself permission to let that project go…

So back to you now…

Go find a quiet place.  Take a moment (or several) and ask yourself:

“Is the time right?”

It’s a choice only you can make.

Tomorrow I’m following up this post with “How a Sabbatical Can Kickstart Your Creativity”.

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