40 Things To Do Before You Are 40.

I’m 40 next month – so had myself a huge giggle when I flicked open Issue 40 of Frankie today.

So I thought I would address their list [just because].
{PS. Long post – sorry!}

1. Learn a foreign language.

DONE.  Learned and taught Japanese (not that I remember it all that well) and Australian Sign Language (which is technically still English, but not one that all English-speakers know).

2. Get another degree.

Have toyed with this idea on and off.  Don’t think I could handle the study again.

3. Write a rock song.

Um, no.

4. Climb a mountain (or a large hill).

DONE.  Several times in two countries.

5. Buy an original work of art.

DONE.  I picked it up at the Channon Markets – a lino print of naked people swimming with a fish.  Don’t remember the artists name though and I can’t read his squiggly signature.

6. Learn to make sushi, with the rolling mat and everything.

DONE.  We used to host Japanese students and some of the girls taught me.  Not that I make it all that often – fanning the rice is hard work!

7.  Travel to all the European countries that you haven’t been to yet.

Which is all of them…

8. Interview your parents and grandparents on the family history.  Get it all down on paper.

Not sure I’ll get this one done.  Got a whole ‘don’t talk to my parents’  thing happening here…  Whole other story.

9. Hold a clothes-swap party.

Been considering it, just need to act.

10. Ride a pony.

DONE.  And I have a photo to prove it!

11. Own a cafe.

Maybe… one with lots of books that you can sit and flick through while you drink your coffee…

12. Sing karaoke, hopefully “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.

Does at the old Neighbours count?  They had a karaoke machine and we’d go over for a game of table tennis and a sing-song.

13. Learn at least five constellations to point out in the night sky.

Got 2 down (Southern Cross and Orion) – 3 to go.

14. Take more photos.  And print them out.

DONE.  365’ing this year, and I’m entering some of them in the local show this year.

15. Read a book to your offspring.

A regular occurrence in our house.  Every night Husband sits on the couch and reads a story out aloud to us all.  We’re reading Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” at the moment.

16. Go to a zoo.

Been a while since I’ve been to Taronga Zoo.  And we’re planning a trip to the zoo at Dubbo sometime soon.

17. Develop a ‘signature’ dish.

The kids say that my signature dish is my special pasta sauce.  The ingredients are a secret – ssshhhhh.

18. Drink something you’ve never tried before.

Like…??  Any suggestions?

19. Learn to play a song on any instrument.

DONE.  Piano and flute.  Just need to learn the cello now.

20. Properly celebrate birthdays. No more ‘quiet meals with a friend’.

Do I have to?  I’m sure that I’ve had big birthday bashes in my early 20’s, so does that count.  I drank lots of cocktails at my 21st…!?

21. Go to a gallery with someone who really understands art.

This I would love to do.  Just not sure who.  Brett Whitely, maybe.  Or Picasso. But they’re both deceased.

22. Get a dog.

DONE.  Have had a few now.  Henry, Gus, Beau and Jo (the current mutt).

23. Commit to frequent immaturity.

Daughter informs me that it is just not possible.  That I’m far too sensible to be immature.  Wonder if I can fix that?

24. Ring at least one out-of-town friend every week.

Does my sister count?  She’s in Tasmania and we talk every week.

25. Give away all the stuff you don’t need; keep only what makes you happy.

Trying.  I have a hoarder for a Husband.  He can’t bear to throw stuff out.  I have to do secret bin-runs when he’s not looking.

26. Say “I love you” every time it’s appropriate.

DONE!  Daily.

27. Read a big Russian novel.

How about Tolstoy’s “Love and War”?

28. Make lasagne from scratch.

DONE.  Beef, chicken and vege varieties.  Yum-oh-yum.

29. Learn to crochet.

I’d rather have toothpicks shoved under my toenails.

30. Write a letter to a politician.


31. Make new friends every year and tell your old ones how awesome you think they are.

This one I will gladly continue to do, until my last breathe.

32. Be financially smart.

DONE.  Been at it for a little while now.  One of the best things we ever did was invest in a financial adviser.

33. Volunteer time to help a charity.

Still have to do this for a charity, but I volunteer my time to teach Sign Language at the kids school.

34. Draw something.

DONE.  Lots of.

35. Get a new hairstyle every year.

You should have seen the look I got from Daughter when she read this one.  The whole raised eyebrows “they’re talking about you, Mum” look.  I’ll change it, as long as it is short.

36. Swear to never wear those grim undies from the bottom of the pile.

SO DONE.  It’s always been one of my ‘things’ – nice underwear.

37.  Get to know your neighbours every time you move.

DONE, up until this move.  Our old neighbours from Lismore are now affectionately called the Neighbours (note the important capital).  They’re more like family now, but you knew you could always duck next door for a cup of sugar (and we won’t mention the time we saw Mr Neighbour walking around naked…)

38. Start a recipe book / list of advice / photo album for the kids.

Recipe book – no, should though.  List of advice – yes (for Daughter when/if she decides to fall pregnant).  Photo albums – absolutely.

39. Build up an awesome kitchen with matching pots and pans.

DONE.  Ages ago.  Everything has to match, I can’t do the whole mis-matched thing, no matter how trendy it is.

40. Smile often, laugh lots.  HAVE FUN.

I asked Daughter if I did this.  She said I don’t laugh enough.  I’m definitely going to work on that.

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5 Responses to 40 Things To Do Before You Are 40.

  1. Elizabeth Herr October 18, 2011 at 7:35 AM #

    Hi Tasha,

    Stumbled on this post as I was starting a post on my blog; My ‘now-that-I’m-40-list’. Still busy constructing it, but I enjoyed reading your responses to these suggestions! I might add some of them to my little list 🙂


    • Tasha Chawner October 18, 2011 at 7:51 AM #

      I’ll be keeping an eye out for your ‘Now that I’m 40’ list !! And congratulations on your “big 4-0”. Feels good, doesn’t it!!
      I borrowed my list from Frankie magazine, so feel free to add some to your list. They were a great starting point, and it’s got me thinking about creating a bucket list (love that term 🙂 ) – or life list as I’ve seen them called around the web. Things I want to do before I get too old to…
      And thanks for the email to let me know about the ‘leaving a response’ problem. Much appreciated.

    • Tasha Chawner October 18, 2011 at 7:53 PM #

      Excellent – thanks Elizabeth.
      I’ve actually just left a comment on your post. I’ll going to keep up with your blog and follow your list now!!
      Look forward to the next installment.


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