52 Earrings in 2011 – No.3

Hammered Copper Earrings_16

The Inspiration

I love hammering copper!

The joy I get from each blow (it’s a type of therapy for me…), knowing that each time I hit the metal I am creating a unique mark – one that cannot ever be repeated.

These earrings have been bound with salvaged earth wire.  Bound (chaotically and with no rhyme or reason), but it’s holding it all together – a lot like me at times… just holding it all together…

The dark patina is like age.  I’m at a point where I’m finally appreciating my age (wrinkles and all), but with (coppery) glints of youth shining through…

{Click on the photos to be taken through to these earrings in my ArtFire Studio}

Also available – No’s 1 & 2 of the 52 Earrings Series…

Copper Hoop Earrings_01 Coiled Copper Earrings_09

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