52 Earrings in 2011 – Nos. 15 & 16

Still playing catch up on the 52 Earrings listings…

Simplicity with a touch of Chaos… A single clear Swarovski crystal is teamed with recycled copper to create these simple dangle earrings. Each Chaos swirl is unique, as I let the wire lead me when I create.

Perfect for everyday wear, when you want a little bit of bling as well.

Priced at AU$30, you can find them in the ArtFire Studio here.

Another simple design, one where I wanted to colour of the metal to be the feature, rather than the design.
A lot of fun to make, I would heat the metal until it was glowing red, and then toss it quickly in to a bowl of cold water. Rinse and repeat, until I was happy with the finish!

These really were the most frustrating earrings to photograph though. I simply couldn’t get their true colour to show through. The above photo is the best one of a bunch I took (and swore at!)

Priced at AU$35, you can find these earrings in the ArtFire Studio here.

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