52 Earrings in 2011 – Nos. 25 & 26

Daughter has already claimed these earrings!

I’ve let her have them because I wasn’t entirely happy with the finish – too many tool marks, and when I was turning the wire for the second pair it was too short, so I had to undo them and the wire is a bit bent and mangled.

Therefore this set has been deemed sale un-worthy.

If you like the design I can create you your very own pair from scratch – minus the imperfections of course!  Just contact me here and we can arrange details.

These asymmetrical pretties are currently available at Cafe Graze here in Walcha.

Created from brass sheet I’ve used a silver- and copper-toned eyelet (was going through a bit of an eyelet phase!) purposely alternating the placement of them.  It’s a little detail, but one that will make people do a double-take and say “I like your earrings!”

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