53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.15

it’s a discussion that the Daughter and I have regularly

She picked up an afternoon job last year looking after 3, then 4, little girls.  The little girls all adore the pants off of her and she would come home a little wrung out, but feeling quite chuffed with herself…

“They all look up to you, you know,” I would say to her. “You’re a positive role model for them.”

It’s something I’m aware of in my life as well – I’m the example for my Beautiful Girl.

how to eat well, love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin… i’m the one she looks too

Let’s face it, we really do need the positive examples, because I’m sorry Miley Cyrus but you’ve let the young women of the world down with your twerking (and yes, I had to look that word up!)

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