53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.20

accidents happen on bicycles poster

The cast comes off the Little Man’s arm today, after nearly 6 weeks in plaster.

It’ll be interesting to watch him get back on his bicycle.  That’s how he broke his arm – riding the same path he’s ridden a thousand times before.

a simple slip and the accident happened

Bike off the edge of the path, falling sideways, 2 broken bones, almost 6 weeks in plaster and a summer of no swimming or bike-riding.  It’s enough to drive anyone to the edge and back (and yes, it drove us both there).

But as he gets back in the saddle, I’ll gently remind him that accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean his Mother wouldn’t be happy if he slowed down just a little and never broke another bone again.

he’s promised he won’t and i’m holding him to it

photo credit: protorio via photopin cc

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