53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.35

Hire a professional if you're out of your depthwords of advice i’ve finally taken myself

Since starting this blog some 7-odd years back, I’ve been taking care of the back-end of it myself.  Learning html and coding, Googling how-to’s and pulling my hair out when things went wrong.
This year though, I realised that maybe it was time to farm the design out to someone else.

Enter Libby of Crimson Pear.

We’re still working out the nuts and bolts, and me being the obsessive-compulsive neat-freak that I am, want everything ready to go before letting the new design go public.

It’s been remarkably liberating to hand the reins over to Libby.  I’m still stressing about the pretty details, but knowing the Libby has the coding side of things under control has taken the stress out it for me (maybe not for her though…!)

So moral of the unsolicited advice?

don’t try and do it all yourself.  you’ll drive yourself nuts trying.

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