53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.39

eat healthy poster I’m a huge advocate for eating healthy.  Whole, wholesome and homemade is my mantra when it comes to putting food on the table.

which doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy naughty foods

My kids often jokingly tell me I’ve ruined them for when they move out of home and have to start making their own meals.  We’re a no-numbers, -colours and -preservatives family – we’re not strict on it though – but it does make eating anywhere other than home a little entertaining at times. And as to my naughty foods?  Dark chocolate, decadent desserts, cheeses and a good wine or cider.

everything in moderation

The key to keeping your body running healthy.

What’s your naughty food?  The one you know you probably shouldn’t have, but can’t resist?

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