53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.48

Clean up after yourself

one of my pet peeves is an empty toilet roll left on the holder

At work of late, I seem to be finding them more and more when I go to the bathroom. Or the empty toilet roll and it’s accompanying paper wrapper left on the floor (I suppose at least there’s a fresh roll on the holder).

It makes me wonder whether people do this sort of stuff in their own homes.

And who picks up after them?

Because it doesn’t take all that much effort to change an empty toilet roll and then dispose of the rubbish into a bin.

And while I’m at it, wash your bloody dishes too, instead of leaving them to rot in the sink.

and just in case you’re not sure how to change a toilet roll, here’s an instructional video to help

photo credit: samantha celera via photopin cc

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