53 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice: No.51


Age and experience – it’s something I have come to appreciate as I too gain them.

I can still remember being a know-it-all-teenager – brought home by having one of my own now – but the memories are still there.  Memories of not listening.  Of thinking I knew the answers to all the problems.  Memories of not always, but sometimes, making bad choices.

now it’s a different story

Now I listen.  Now I ask advice.  Now I often act on the wisdom of experience and age.

I know that respecting age and experience is something that I can model for my own kids, but it’s something that they’re going to have to learn on their own, and in their own time.  Just as I did – mistakes and all.

doesn’t mean i won’t stop trying to tell them what to do

I’ll just remember how I didn’t listen, and how I’ve come to listen.  Age and experience and time… and a respect of it.

Do you remember being a know-it-all teen?  And what pearl of wisdom would you share from one older and wiser?

photo credit: photo credit: Iliyan Yankov via photopin cc

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