9 Things I Will Tell My Kids

My kids are growing so quickly… before I know it they’ll be spreading their wings and leaving the nest…

Here are some things I want them to take in to the world…

#1 – Follow your heart and be who you want to be.

You’ll be happy when you do.

Don’t wake up one day and realise you’ve spent your life in a job that you hated just so that you could pay the rent.

Follow your passion from early on and you will find success.  If you want to be an artist, be an artist.  Don’t let anyone let you that you can’t be.  Even your Dad…

#2 – Don’t follow the crowd – carve your own path.

Or as I tell Daughter now “Don’t be a pleb”.

(Definition of pleb: shortened from Latin plebeius; meaning ‘one of the common people’)

You’re going to have the ones that tell you you have no sense of style.  The ones who laugh at you when you fall on your arse on the soccer field.  Even those nearest and dearest to you will sometimes try to make you veer off course.  But they say these things out of their own insecurities.  Know what direction you want to take – be it career, clothes or hair colour – and stick to it.

#3 – Change is good.

Change happens for a reason.  Change is not bad.  Change is good.  It can open up opportunities, will keep you on your toes and teach you something new.  Change reminds you that anything is possible.  Don’t be afraid of it.

#4 – Invest in yourself.

Invest time in your education.  Invest money in your future.  Invest in your health.  Invest in your personal self.

No one else is going to do this for you, but you.

#5 – Don’t spend more than you earn.

It will only get you in to trouble.  When you can pay cash.  Have a budget and stick to it.  Sure, it’s going to be tough when you’re first out on your own and earning pittance.

If you want something bad enough, save the cash for it.  You might find that you don’t want it as much as what you thought you did.

#6 – Nobody knows what you are thinking unless you tell them.

There will be times when it is pertinent to tell others what you are thinking and times when it is best to keep your trap shut.  Learn the difference.

#7 – Always continue to learn.

Be it a new hobby, musical instrument, language or recipe – never let your brain be idle.  Read, explore, do, have fun.  The world is a big place full of lots of interesting people, places and things.  Go out and find out more about it.

#8 – Own your mistakes and learn from them.

You’ve made a mistake and admitting that  mistake and dealing with the consequences is going to be embarrassing and painful.  Apologize if necessary, even to yourself.  By recongizing and admitting it, you’ve taken a step toward being a stronger person.

#9 – Be respectful.

Of everyone and everything.

It’s something I’m teaching you now, and just because you are growing up doesn’t mean it has to stop.

People will remember you for being polite.  For holding a door open for them.  For asking about them and taking the time to stop and listen to their response.  Being the one who stops and picks up trash from the footpath.

Try to remember people’s names.  Always call an elder Mr or Mrs Surname, until invited to do otherwise.

Being respectful will take you places.

And the bonus #10

Don’t forget that I love you.  As much, as much, as much.

No matter where you are and no matter what you do in your life, you can always call, email or turn up on my doorstep at three in morning and there’ll be a big hug and love waiting for you.

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