A Calming Necklace Please?

This week I received a commission to make a necklace as a thank you gift.

The only information I had to work on  were the following guidelines:

*the necklace had to use gemstones;

*the lady receiving the necklace has reddish hair;

*she favours high-necked shirts &

*she can get a little ‘frazzled’ at her work at times.

Could I create a calming necklace for her please?

Based on those criteria, I chose these Lapis Lazuli beads…

for mental endurance & clarity.  Plus I thought that they would contrast nicely with red hair.

I also chose this Tibetan Mila pendant…


as the focal.  Again, for the contrast between the blue of the Lapis, & the amber (faux amber, by the way).


 I tried to do a little research in to the use & origin of Tibetan Mila beads, but couldn’t find any clear information.  I get the impression that they are used for prayer & to aid in meditation.  If anyone out there can help me with this information, I’d appreciate it.

So now I’m just waiting for my parcel of beads to arrive, so that I can string them up.  I’ll post a picture of the necklace when it is done!

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