A Day in the Life of Me

Wednesday’s are my day off work

– the day where I get to play catch up at home and hopefully spend a little time on me as well.

So I though I’d give you a glimpse in to a day in the life of me with some of the  little details of my world.

Every morning starts with a coffee…

It’s time for a mid-week vacuum. You see, I have this floor thing. Dirty floors… *hate* them!

There’s always washing. Always.

Dinner generally goes in the Slow Cooker around (or just before) lunch – that way it’s done when I get home from soccer training with the Little Man

Lunch is generally late & lazy – sourdough toast with lashings of butter is a favourite.

A sneaky chocolate snack before I go & pick the kids up from school – this way I don’t have to share…!

Little Man’s soccer training is 3:30-4:30. Quite often I’ll get out & help with training, but today a book won out.

Dinner is over… The day is all caught up & everyone has shared their best & worst moments. It’s time to wash up & spend a little time in front of the tv before the kids go to bed.

Time for a little ‘me’ time… warm bed & a book. Then it’s lights out, to get my beauty sleep & be ready for the next day.

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