{family} A Lifetime Smile – The First Afternoon

“I wasn’t that nervous going in to the orthodontist.  Peter is very nice and I reckon he did my braces in the least painful way.  It took an hour and a half to put them on.  It was pretty short really, because I was laying back in the dentist chair.

The worst part was the glue that they use to glue the back bands on.  It tasted like off Warheads – yuck!

The interesting part is that they use a special light to set the glue.  The glue is heat sensitive and Wendy (the dental technician) told me that if you stand outside with your mouth open for 6 hours it would do the same as the blue light.  The blue light only takes a couple of seconds.

It didn’t really hurt when the braces were finally on.  It feels weird because I can’t run my tongue over my teeth.  And it’s all scratchy on my lips.  And I’m finding it hard to smile without showing my teeth.


The First Afternoon

And whistling is difficult.  I tried to whistle our dog, and I can’t do it!!

The braces have been on for about 6 hours now.  It is very uncomfortable and tight.  My teeth are aching a lot.  Peter said that my teeth will be sore for 2 to 3 days, and I have to make sure that I clean my teeth really good.  I got a special orthodontic pack to take care of my teeth and I’m looking forward to using the Disclosure Tablets – they make your teeth turn pink if you haven’t brushed them properly.

See you all next week, and I’ll tell you how my first week went.” ~~Clarissa

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