{family} A Lifetime Smile – Week 1

“My braces have been rubbing a bit this week – but I expected it.  I’ve had a couple of ulcers, and I’ve been using a mouth ulcer ointment called Kenalog – it tastes DISGUSTING!

I was very popular my first day back at school after getting my braces.  Everyone wanted to have a look at my braces.  The most common questions were “Did it hurt?” (Not really) and “Why didn’t you get coloured brackets?” (Because the regular brackets work faster than the coloured ones.)

A couple of days after getting my braces, my teeth really started to ache.  The front teeth still ache a bit now – the ones with the spring between them – and the back teeth are okay.

Everyone kept saying I looked weird.  It bothered me a little bit, because I’m still ‘Clarissa’, not any different.

I’ve been called “Train Tracks” already.  And “Metal Mouth”.  It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would – I just pretend they are saying my name.”

Braces - Orthodontics

A Smile

Not the best photo – but Clarissa’s not feeling the best today, so I didn’t want to push her ~Mum.

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