{family} A Lifetime Smile – Week 3

We missed last week, because time got away from us – and I had flat batteries in the camera and kept forgetting to buy new ones!!

So we are at Week 3 of the Lifetime Smile.

How’s it all been going, Clarissa?

“It’s all been pretty good.  No one has said anything about my braces – no names called.  I think everyone is used to them now.

I do have a sore back though.  My naturopath has explained to me that while my teeth are being moved around (my jaw stretched a bit), it is affecting my spine, so that my lower back is a bit sore.  Like my naturopath said, when you twist one end of the pipe, you twist the other.

The rubbing has stopped, which is good.  But I’ve been looking enviously at people chomping in to apples!!”


A Week 3 Smile

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