{family} A Lifetime Smile – Weeks 4 & 5

The last couple of weeks have been pretty good.


Week 4 - check out the lump of wax on the left top teeth!

I’ve noticed my teeth starting to move around.

The front 2, with the spring, are hurting a little bit.  The molars right at the back had been hurting last week, but they’ve settled down now.

No one has commented on my braces.  I think everyone is used to them.

One of my friends at school (who also has braces) showed me the inside of her top lip.  She was playing netball and copped a ball in the face, and her top teeth braces dug in to her lip, and she has a big mark!!  I’m glad I don’t play netball.


Week 5 - Teeth are moving!

See the orthodontist next week.  Wondering if I’ll get brackets replaced?  And whether Peter will change the elastic holding my behind tooth to the braces?  And if he’ll get rid of the spring?

Will let you know!

(We’re going to move the Lifetime Smile posts to Sundays – we seem to run out of time through the week to get them done, and we both really want the Series to continue.  ~Tasha)

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