{family} A Lifetime Smile

Daughter gets her braces today.

She’s not that happy.  Worried about what she’ll look like (pretty normal for a 12 year old girl!).  Worried about the discomfort.  What names she’ll get called at school.

So, we gave her a choice….

A 2 week family holiday in Tasmania or A Lifetime Smile.

She’s opted for the smile.  In fact, it’s become her mantra, whenever she starts to get stressed about the braces going on.  ” A lifetime smile, a lifetime smile.”

Don’t quite know what we would have done if she had of turned around and said “I’ll take the holiday Mum.”

After talking about it with her, we decided to chronicle her journey here on my blog – not anywhere near related to jewellery, I know – but we figure it would be something that other kids (and their parents) about to face braces, might be interested in.

So, it will be Daughters words and my photos.

Introducing Clarissa…

Lifetime Smily

Hi, I'm Clarissa

“Hi!!  I’m Clarissa and I get my braces today – hooray (sarcasm, in case you were wondering – Mum).  I don’t want to be called names at school, like Rachael who gets called “Train Tracks”.  But, I know that it is going to be worth it.  Because I’ll have a Lifetime Smile.”

This is what Clarissa’s teeth look like now –

Lifetime Smile

My teeth

A quick history.

Clarissa had what is commonly referred to as shark teeth. As her adult teeth were coming through, they pushed the baby teeth to the back (and front), so she had a mouth full of teeth.  Previous teeth that had fallen out on their own (or been pulled be Dad – NOT something I recommend) had been a traumatic experience for her.  She had previously had 3 teeth removed while in the dentists chair – and in the end the remaining 8 had to be extracted while she was under a general anaesthetic.

Her jaw was too narrow to accomodate her adult teeth, so she had an expander put in around the middle of last year.  This device widened her top jaw, and in the process her bottom, giving her teeth a little more room to move in to place.  Not enough to get them straight though, so finds us today getting the braces.

Stay tuned for weekly photos and comments – and follow the teeth-straightening journey with us.

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2 Responses to {family} A Lifetime Smile

  1. Carli April 21, 2010 at 10:51 AM #

    Hi Clarissa and Tasha!
    I too had “shark teeth”. It must run in the family! I had braces and a head gear. The head braces is an extremely attractive device which sees you have a piece of wire protuding from your mouth being held in place by a (very sexy) plastic strap that goes around your head. I had to wear the head gear at least 12 hours a day (including when asleep) and if I went somewhere and didn’t wear it, I would have to catch up the hours. It was especially fun to wake up in a pool of your own saliva as you are unable to close your mouth with the wire sticking out.
    I was a gymnast at the time I had braces. I went away to the Gold Coast for a week for state titles and had to take it with me. I have had cooler moments! But my team was fine with it. Once the question and answer session was out of the way, noone even looked twice at it. I am assuming you will not have to have head gear (but it was for the stone ages when I grew up!)
    Why am I telling you all of this? Because I know that you will be fine! The names you may be called are only from ignorants who are too stupid to comprehend what you are going through (therefore not worth your time or energy). I got ‘metal mouth’. When the braces finally come off, you will not stop smiling……… Ever!
    Be proud of your choice you made between braces or holiday. You made the right decision. Plus the time will fly and before you know it you will have a beautiful smile to match your beautiful face!

    • foryoudesigns April 21, 2010 at 7:11 PM #

      Thanks Carls 🙂
      Clarissa has just sat down and read what you’ve written – and it’s made her smile.
      She’s sore and sorry tonight – and has been a bit teary this afternoon – but she’s going to be okay.
      No head gear! I think orthodontics has changed a bit since we had ours on!! And it was fascinating to watch them going on.
      Peter (our orthodontist) let me play with his pliers and some stainless steel wire – and even gave me a lesson in metallurgy!
      So thanks again sweetie,
      Tasha and Clarissa xxoo

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