A Long Time Between Posts

The Back Drama Continues….

Been a while since my last post because things have been somewhat chaotic in my world. 

In between sick children & husband, I’ve had my first epidural cortisone injection.  Needless to say, I was incredibly nervous.  The thought of someone (even if they are a trained doctor!) sticking this huge needle near your spine, was enough to give me pause.  My saving grace (& mantra) throughout the whole procedure was my little boy having said to me “Mum, you can cuddle my buddies if you need to.” 

The needle has definitely lessened the amount of pain in my lower back.  I think I’d forgotten what is was like to NOT be in pain.  I’m still having problems with the numbness in my right leg though, & as a result I can’t sit or stand for too long without discomfort.  Hence the long spell between posts.

I have gotten my new laptop this last week & fully intend to get back to posting regularly.  So, I’ll see you all soon, with some more on Debutante jewellery.

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