A Mother’s Bracelet

My friend Michelle commissioned me to make a bracelet for her mum’s birthday.

The bracelet was to include the birthstones for her mum & dad; Michelle & her 2 boys; & her brother & his 3 children.

In total 9 different stones – ranging in colour from deep blues & purples, clear through to greens, & oranges & reds.  Quite the mix.

Working with Michelle, our original design used only gemstone chip.  The bracelet was to have 3 strands – a strand for her mum & dad, one for Michelle’s family & the third for her brother’s family. 

However, due to 4 of the stones being out of stock from our preferred online store, we opted instead to include glass beads in the colours of the missing gemstone.

This then threw our original design idea out of whack!

Over coffee, Michelle mentioned that she had seen a picture in a magazine, & once she explained it to me, I developed ‘the mental image’ – you know the one….  where you picture how the finished piece is going to look?!

Thankfully my mental image & Michelle’s picture matched up pretty well…

I used memory wire to provide a stable base to weave the gemstones on to.  It’s basically a bead soup design.  The only time I would need to choose a gemstone or bead was based on size, to fill in smaller spaces.  The silver spacers at the edges of the cuff add an extra detail & help to keep the memory wire at a consistent space.

We also added a safety chain to the bracelet (not photographed), to ensure that if it did manage to slip off, it would hopefully not get lost.

Now to see what Michelle’s mum thinks?

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