{in biz} Do you have a supportive craft partner?

Thanks to Ange (of Angelene on Etsy), who posted this question on The Australian Etsy Blog the other day.

So who has a crafty partner? Not as in, he or she is crafty, but that he or she supports you in your craft?

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It definitely helps to have a partner that supports your madness… I mean craftiness!!

I do.

I’m a very lucky woman, in that my Husband (bless his boots) has supported whatever mad-cap venture I’ve tried.

Tried to warn me off of some of them – “Honey, do you really think it is wise to go in to business with your mother?” – which, needless to say, failed miserably and horribly…

When we had children, we both agreed that it was incredibly important that one of us be a full-time parent.

It always falls to the Mum (something to do with instincts, breasts and such), but being Mum was also a role that I relished (says the woman who didn’t want to ever be a mother to snotty, spewy infants that grow up to be snotty, rude teenagers).

When I rediscovered my love of handmade, Husband was (ironically) working away from home.  But he saw how much I loved what I was doing.  That creating jewellery was an outlet from me.  A way of channeling energies that could sometimes be very negative.  A way of calming my very busy mind.

Now, he is the one that helps me set up for my 2 annual markets.  Carts the boxes, tables and tent, because my back injury prevents me from doing it.

He has built me a soldering and drilling station that sits proudly on our front verandah.

He does that happy-dance when I make a sale.

He gives his honest opinion on designs.

He says to the kids “Give Mum a minute until she finishes.”

He’s my Supportive Craft Partner.

And I’m awful glad I’ve got him.

Who is *your* Supportive Craft Partner?

Give them a shout-out and let the world know just how much you appreciate them!

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