A Tour of My Studio

So I’ve decided a tour of my work space is in order…

Studio Tour_02

My computers – where I seem to spend most (too much!) of my time.

Husband insisted on buying me a laptop riser and wireless- keyboard and mouse last year because I’d been having trouble with my neck.  Having the screen raised up has made the world of difference!

My netbook (which I’d purchased for taking notes at work) is now my TweetDeck ‘puter.  Saves me flicking tabs on the big one.

And the essential kitchen timer – set for 25 minutes – and then I have to get up and stretch.

Studio Tour_03

All of my jewellery tools are handy – a girl can never have too many – plus the essential Rescue Remedy, Bach Flower and lens cleaner!

I’m a bit of a stationary nut as well (anyone else out there like that?!)

Studio Tour_08

My library of work-related books.  I’ve had to curb my spending here – I could buy and buy and buy books.

It’s how I’ve learned my craft though.  By reading and trial-and-error.

Studio Tour_09

All of my stock is stored in zip-lock bags, inside of clear plastic containers.

All labelled with what type or series of jewellery is in each container – it makes it heaps easier to find pieces when I need, and everything is dust- and tangle free.

Studio Tour_11

More storage (are you seeing a pattern here?!)

Everything is in labelled containers.  Why?  So I can find stuff quickly and easily.

I keep my mannequin and scrapbooking papers covered in plastic too.  Our house is quite old – supposed to have been built in the late 1800’s – and they are the original bricks, which are now starting to deteriorate and shed lovely brick-dust over everything…

Studio Tour_12

And my photo set-up.

I invested in a light-tent and proper lights because a large part of the year here in my home town it is cold, wet and miserable.  We have days where the sun doesn’t show its face, making natural light photography an impossibility.

Studio Tour_16

From my work space I can see the hub of our house – the dining room table.

When the kids get home from school, this is where they have afternoon tea and do homework, so if I’m still working I can easily help them out.

Studio Tour_17

And the kitchen.

When I’m cooking I can duck over to my tables and make notes, potter and putz.

What is your work area/studio like?  Blogged about it lately?

Leave a link here so I can pop on over and check it out!

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