Advertising Savvy

My first foray into advertising was not a resounding success.

Having introduced myself to the debutantes, I decided to run a small editorial in the free local weekly newspaper.  Why?  Because EVERYBODY in town reads it. 

What valuable lesson did I learn?

Go prepared. 

Very prepared. 

Have your own editorial written.  Include information about yourself, your business (obviously), where you work from, what designs you specialise in, your price range & when you are available for consultations.

But I think the biggest mistake I made (& therefore lesson I learned)? 

Have a disc (or copy) of photographs of your work.  Photographs that you have taken yourself.  Photographs that you are happy with.  And the all important photograph of yourself.

Let’s just say, that after the editorial….  I’m now known as the jewellery lady with the sticky-up hair!! 

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