Are you a camera snob?

{Image: Analogue Warrior by Eric Flexyourhead}

Today, as I sat waiting for my Little Man’s assembly to start, the Principal handed me a camera.

“Please take photos.  Whenever anyone else does they’re all wishy-washy.  You do good.  Take photos, please.” were the words she said to me.

Now there’s a little bit of explaining needed here for the above statement.

Since I’ve acquired my DSLR, whenever I get the opportunity, I take photos.  I see it as practice for the day when I finally launch myself on the world as a professional photographer.  Which means that I take photos at school events.  The kids love to pose, I get to practice and the school gets lots and lots of photos to use for PR purposes.

But the  camera I was handed today was a point-and-shoot.


No manual focus – just the zoom and pan toggle switch.

No clear view through the view finder – just a blurry version of what my naked eye could see.

And severe lag time between photos.

I was missing possible shots!

Which brought me to the realisation that I am now a camera snob.

Oh, dear… what’s next?

Coffee? (already there on that one me-thinks)

Can you relate to being a camera snob?  Have you picked up a worse (or better) camera and thought to yourself… oh, the difference, I definitely prefer (insert your own snobbery here).

Please, please, please leave a comment to share your camera snobbery here!  If only to know that I am not alone 🙂
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2 Responses to Are you a camera snob?

  1. Kellie March 9, 2012 at 12:20 AM #

    Me too, most probably. Actually, when someone hands me a point and shoot, I can’t work them.

    • Tasha Chawner March 9, 2012 at 6:45 AM #

      I was having the same problem Kellie – couldn’t work the little sucker!
      T xo

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