Are You a Domestic Goddess?

Domestic Goddess

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Does ‘creator of handmade goodness’ translate to ‘domestic goddess’?

A definition from Wikipedia:

Domestic Goddess may be

It’s an idea I’ve been pondering of late.  If you are so inclined to the creative, does this naturally follow through to how you keep your house?

(Just as an aside, I despise the term ‘housewife’.)

I never used to be a Domestic Goddess.

I was happy to buy pre-packaged food.  Never made anything from scratch.  I would do a small load of washing.  Leave the fan on when I was out of the house.

But since (re-)embracing the world of handmade, I’ve changed my ways.

I now make most all of our food from scratch – cakes, biscuits, stocks, stews and curries are current favourites.

If I buy pre-packaged, I read the labels carefully to see what additives are in our foods.

We gratefully accept home-grown produce when our friends have it in excess.  And buy local produce when and where possible.  With a preference for organic and free-range.

I’m also much more aware of the chemicals in cleaning products.  We now use a lot of vinegar and bi-carb in our cleaning.  Or just plain-old water with elbow grease.

Our body products are all organic, chemical-free and (usually) handmade.

We accept hand-me-downs and cast-offs.  And pass our too small clothes on to friends and their kids.

So, does this a ‘Domestic Goddess’ maketh?

For a bit of fun, have a go at this quiz – Which Domestic Goddess Are You?

I’m Hestia… but there’s a whole other story there…

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