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Today’s Aussie on Etsy is Rachel of La Femme Jewels.

Rachel’s designs truly are exquisite accessories for women, designed with simplicity and elegance in mind.

Rachel was gracious enough to share a bit about herself by going Under The Spotlight.

NAME: Rachel Moore
AGE: None of your Business, just kidding 39
HOMETOWN: Sydney at the moment, we move around a bit

La Femme Jewels

Flower Pendant with Akoya Pearl

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a mother of one precocious 8 year old and am married to an Airforce member (hence the moving around). I live in Kellyville in Sydney at the moment, but with a husband in the airforce we move reasonably frequently. We just moved from Brisbane in December.

I discovered beaded jewellery a few years ago when I was searching for some books for my daughter for Xmas and came across a jewellery book that had some really modern funky designs and fell in love.

From the start I knew that I wanted to go all the way with what I could learn, beyond beading and into metalwork. After mastering most basic beading techniques (or course I am no expert in the beautiful advanced wire wrapping that many beaders do) I started attending weekend workshops in silver smithing and after a long wait, finally got a spot in a goldsmith training facility in Brisbane and spent 12 beautiful months learning to work with metal, set stones and create divine jewellery. Unfortunately my time was cut
short by the move to Sydney.

I hope to continue my training in the future.

As you can probably tell from the above, I am very talkative and quite loud when in a comfortable environment or with friends, but a real wallflower around alot of strangers.

2) What time of day are you at your creative best?

Mid morning. I find myself at my best after I have had a good coffee and some play time on the computer, I then get focused on my creative side.

From a design perspective, in the middle of the night is usually when my best designs come to me whilst sleeping, which is why I keep a sketch pad by the bed.

La Femme Jewels

Amethyst and Sapphire Gemstone Clusters Necklace

3) Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any ‘rituals’ to help put you in the creative state-of-mind?

I am inspired by clean modern lines in buildings, artwork and everything around me. I don’t have any rituals but when I am lacking inspiration I like to browse the internet, pick a subject and just do a search on images to match that subject and just look, it can be an object like flowers or an action like dancing, but something simple.

4) How do you squeeze crafting into your busy life?

I am very lucky at the moment as my husband and I have made the decision that we can live on one wage for the foreseeable future to give me the opportunity to focus on my goals of finalising my training and development and building a successful website.

5) What are you working on now?

I am currently obsessed with creating a range of modern simple enamelled jewellery. I discovered enamelling by torch in December and have been experimenting with a mix of sterling and a splash of colour from enamel, making a beautiful range of simple jewellery at half the price of gemset jewellery but with all the brilliant colours. I have also recently purchased a microwave kiln which, once I work out how to use it, should allow me to expand my enamelling range substantially.

I have also recently started playing with copper more in my designs for an affordable but beautiful two toned look.

La Femme Jewels

Sterling Silver Enamel Square with Aqua/Mocha Enamel

6) What three tools could you not live without?

My Chasing Hammer, Soldering Torch and my handheld cordless dremel.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rachel myself – and can I say, am mighty jealous of her silver- and gold-smithing training!!  Thanks for sharing Rachel 🙂

You can also find Rachel at her blog – La Femme Jewels – and on Facebook  at La Femme Jewels.

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6 Responses to Aussies on Etsy – La Femme Boutique

  1. LaFemmeJewels June 11, 2010 at 3:31 PM #

    Thanks so much for such a lovely feature. I am proud to be included with all your talented Australian features.

    • foryoudesigns June 11, 2010 at 7:02 PM #

      You are most welcome Rachel. And thank you again for sharing with us!

  2. Nyjole J Walters June 11, 2010 at 3:58 PM #

    Gorgeous jewellery ! I love Rach’s designs.

    • foryoudesigns June 11, 2010 at 7:01 PM #

      Rachel’s designs are gorgeous, Nyjole – very feminine and definitely beautiful.

  3. Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) June 11, 2010 at 4:28 PM #

    So nice to find out some more about the lovely Rachel!

    • foryoudesigns June 11, 2010 at 7:00 PM #

      I agree Deb – it’s always fun to learn more about fellow artists!

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