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I came across Val of  Vanias Art Shop, late last year.  I was following her on Twitter, and she tweeted about her Tree of Life pendants.

I went and had a little look through her shop, and promptly purchased a pendant for my sister-in-laws Christmas gift.

Needless to say, I was incredibly pleased when I unwrapped the pendant – and awfully tempted to keep it for myself.  My SIL loved it as well, so I’m kind of glad I didn’t keep it!!

Val has kindly agreed to go Under The Spotlight and share with us a little about herself.

Original Painting from Vanias Art Shop

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a 38 year old mom of two, wife to a lovely man, the main carer of our various pets and we all live happily together on our 40 acre farm near Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia.

2) What time of day are you at your creative best?

I love working on my jewellery or my paintings after 10pm at night, when the kiddies are in bed and the house is quiet – thats when I can relax and really lose myself in my creations.

There are times too, during the day, while the hubby is at work and the kids are at school, when I love to go off to my studio and make a start on different things – but I most often paint and create in the middle of the night.

3) Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any ‘rituals’ to help put you in the creative state-of-mind?

I find that painting and creating pieces of jewellery is a great form of relaxation to me, I actually unwind when I am in my studio making something.

I always have music playing in my studio, a few favorite CDs or sometimes just the radio going – also my English Mastiff “Luther” is always happy to come with me and keep me company during the evenings in my studio – him snoring in the corner always relaxes me 😀 – provided that everything around the home is done which needs doing and I don’t have anything occupying my mind, I am able to get straight into my artwork or jewellery – I so look forward to it!

4) How do you squeeze crafting into your busy life?

*LOL* by painting and creating in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping 😀 – it seems to be the only time of day when I am not needed by anyone and can spend time on my own 😀

Tree of Life Pendant - Vanias Art Shop

5) What are you working on now?

I just completed my first painting after a six month break – that was yesterday. Right now I am giving myself a few days off as my family and I will be getting away for a relaxing weekend to a lovely sea-side town in Victoria, called Ocean Grove. Once I get back, I plan to do a few more paintings, I have a few ideas floating in my mind…

6) What three tools could you not live without?

Oh wow…only three? There are way too many…my various jewellery pliers (I have 8 which are a must) – my range of paint brushes in every size and shape imaginable…hmm…and my box of Czech Fire Polished Rondelle Beads as I just love using them 😀

Thanks so much Val!

Be sure to see Val creations at her Etsy shop
Or follow her on Twitter – Vania Creations

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2 Responses to Aussies on Etsy – Vanias Art Shop

  1. Val Zdero February 26, 2010 at 4:10 PM #

    Thank you so much Tasha for this great interview – I am really honoured that you like my creations enough to do a post on your blog about it – many thanks and many blessings – cheers Val xo

    • foryoudesigns March 1, 2010 at 7:53 AM #

      You are most welcome Val !

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