Back Update

Been a while since I’ve mentioned my back…. don’t want to sound like a whinger!!

The second cortisone injection was administered in early September.  I actually felt the anaesthetic needle a lot more this time.  I took that to be a good thing – the first one had obviously helped to relax down the muscles enough for it to hurt. 

Took a good two weeks for me to notice any difference.  I was still experiencing the pin & needles up until 2 weeks ago, & was starting to despair.  When, if ever, would I be ‘normal’ again?  (Now I could go off on the ‘what is normal’ tangent – honestly, I’ll settle for being able to walk 500 metres without pain).  Now I’m just experiencing loss of sensation in my right leg.  

I’m doing a lot more than I have been able, but I’m also reaching the danger period – where I’m feeling good enough to do more, but if I do too much I’ll end up re-injuring myself.

My massage therapist has recommended that I start a pain chart – from where I was when I first injured myself, to where I would like to be 12 months down the track.  And to look at ways that I can help myself to achieve this outcome.  Having a visual reminder will help.  Especially one the days when I’m more inclined to wallow in self-pity.

I remind myself daily though, that it could be a lot worse.  And I am so incredibly thankful that it isn’t.  

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  1. Lenka Boorer October 13, 2007 at 7:47 AM #

    Hi Tasha,

    Thanks for the lend of that beautiful red glass necklace. I have had many comments about how beautifully it sat and the gorgeous beads you used. It looked fantastic with my 5 strand red bead bracelet – again another beautiful design by you!

    Really glad the deb ball went well. The deb is very lucky, she can now keep that beautiful necklace and wear with fond memories.

    You are so very clever!

    I am looking forward to wearing your designs on prac. As I mainly wear black I should be the perfect backdrop for your artwork.



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