Banded Agate Commission

It’s been a busy month for custom work…  I like busy!!

Mary M. had spotted and tried on Mountain Jewel at the Walcha Craft Fair.  She liked the necklace, but as she didn’t have enough cash on her, she went off to get some money. 

It’s one of the dilemmas of craft shows… the customer likes the piece, but doesn’t have enough money.  Will they really come back like they say, or are they not going to?  The rule I work by is if they don’t put down a deposit, then the design goes back on the table for sale.

And that’s what happened.  Another customer came along, fell in love with “Mountain Jewel” and bought it!

So, Mary commissioned a necklace similar to the original. 

Banded Agate Commission

Banded Agate Commission

I must admit I am quite pleased with the finished piece.  I added another stone near the clasp, to make the design a little different to the original.

The agates used are gorgeous in their colour.  And the bands of black add detail and interest.

A close up of the agates.

A close up of the agates.

Another happy customer!

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