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Browsing the web yesterday I came across this post from Tania at manusmade about mindful spending and mindful giving.

Which in turn led me to this site – I Am The Lab – and the 1 A Month Promise.

Now I’m a huge supporter of handmade.  And as Christmas draws around, family know that they’ll be getting a little bit of handmade goodness (either made by me or by a fellow handmade artisan) wrapped and stashed under the tree.

And they love it.

They love to know the who-made-it’s, the where-is-it-from’s and the why-did-you-think-of-this’s.

They love knowing that their Christmas gift was made with love by an independent business person somewhere in this great big wide word of ours.

Which leads me back to the 1 A Month Promise.

The idea behind the 1 A Month Promise is to buy 1 handmade item a month.  It’s a push – a quest – “to see more people think handmade first”.  For people to think of handmade as a lifestyle.

What constitutes a handmade lifestyle?

  • Do you make or enjoy making things by hand?
  • Do you see the value in an item when it is handmade?
  • If you need something new, will you either (a) make it yourself; or (b) find it from a handmade artist? 
  • Do you have UFO’s (unfinished objects) laying around your work space or counters?
  • Do you make birthday and Christmas gifts?
  • Are you perhaps a little unconventional in your approach to life? 

Then chances are you are living a handmade lifestyle.

 I Am The Lab are looking for 100 bloggers to help push this initiative forward.  In return they will list links to your blog, shop and Twitter.

Obviously I’m helping out.  Not for the links, but because it’s a lifestyle I’m passionate about.  It’s kind of like my little way of joining in the Occupy Revolution.  Giving the little guy – the independent handmade artisan – a voice, an income and the support they need.

I’ll (try to remember to) post the handmade pieces I buy.  Make myself accountable to this quest…

Will you join me?

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